thanks to your blog I’ve discovered putting toothpate on my clit it’s got that nice tingly burn to it, not enough to put me in agony but enough to make me squirm, after the main tingle wares off you’re left with gradual tingles almost like throbbing, I’ve honestly never been this wet before

also to add to my previous ask with the toothpate, ever since I did it my clit has been more visible and bigger and don’t even get me started on the increased sensitivity, perfect for edging now

Oh that’s great! What brand did you use? I always recommend the gel ones as they don’t have the grit in that many others do, and that’s not much fun if it’s not washed off afterwards.

As for the bigger clit, that’s probably as much from how much you’re playing with it as anything to do with the toothpaste. but increased sensitivity is awesome. Well done!

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