I’ve been a huge fan of your blog for a couple years now I think and its totally changed my life. I’ve always been able to cum easily, like in 30 seconds and that’s if I’m in bad mood. So denial is insane for me, because I’m so used to cumming whenever I want.
I wanted to tell you a story that for me has totally blown my mind. I’m 27, husband 28.

I’m currently on day 14 of no cumming but daily edging (honestly too many edges a day to count. And this is thus far my second longest denial run) – left to my own devices this weekend I literally spent my full Sunday a soaking wet mess, putting bigger and bugger butt plugs in while clamping my nipples, and dressing in the sluttiest outfits possible while edging my brain into oblivion. I haven’t stopped dripping in days. Everyday I get home and just edge (my husband works nights/evenings so I’m alone).

My husband is my outlet and he of course loves it. He doesn’t know the full denial story, but I’ve been easing him into the idea bit by bit. All he knows is when he gets home I’m ravenous for his cock – mostly sucking hin off but also anal and some torturous vaginal. And now the fun has really started – after cumming mutiple times a day for the last week, he needed a break – but he knew I was dying and he’s been getting really into teasing me which has been amazing. I nearly came from him touching my nipples which is like unheard of for me. I even got this clitoral sensitivity oil to drive me even more nits, which has been fucking insane. Putting on my clothes has become a goddamn edge session.

So yesterday evening I was edging and feeling drowsy so I thought I would try listening to cal’s curse. I dont know what happened but I ended up listening 5 times. But I’m a skeptic so  I didnt expect much. My husband got home at 2 am and I was so worked up I couldnt sleep, so I was lying in bed, wet and needy with an aching pussy when he got in. At first he said he was just going to tease me, lightly, lightly running his fingers over my nipples and then eventually, slowly, running his fingers across my soaking pussy. Its crazy how when I’m in denial touch is so good but also so bad!!! I guess because I get so much closer to the thing I want but can’t have.

Anyway I beg and plead and moan and he gives in to fucking me (I had already sucked his dick and swallowed his cum before he went to work so I wasnt expecting this treat!)
I ask for it spooning since there is the lowest risk of me cumming that way. Oh. My. God.
It was like I had a whole new body and my entire pussy was a gspot. I still can’t believe how good it felt. From the moment he entered me I was fighting. Like it almost sucks because if I gave in I bet I could have cum from penetration alone which I’ve never done. But..the weird thing was a few times he did things the should have been GUARANTEED cums. Yet I didnt. I mean I fought it off as well as I could, but one time in particular stands out where I didnt stop him fast enough and I swear I was right on the edge and had started to cum. But then after I pulled his hand away…I hadnt. I had just rode this weird insane edge/cum that normally should not have worked. And I think…maybe..it was cal’s curse?

Because later my husabnd flipped me around to missionary, which again I should have cum in like millisecond if I wasn’t figting every second. And there was a point where I was really struggling and I had to tell him to stop or I would cum, and he asked me why I didnt want to (like I said before he’s not totally in on the game  (which is my fault)) and I said I didnt want to scream too loud  (we live with his parents short term) which was fine…but then he said “Tonight only I get to cum. You don’t get anything”. Ommmggg. My goddamn knight.  And it was insane.. he’s pounding me in a position that drives me wild, I’m wetter and more needy and sensitive than I have ever been….and he said those words and the fear went away. I still had insane pleasure but the cumming…feeling/risk was just ….gone. I felt so safe and secure in my denial it was incredible. 

I really want to test it and see if I actually cant cum without permission, but I dont want to ruin my denial! 🙁

Now that, ladies and gents, is how to do a submission! @gocrazyfreeworld thank you, thank you, thank you. That’s incredible and a real inspiration. It’s so encouraging to see denial being used so beautifully in a relationship, and how you’re discovering all these amazing new things your body and mind are capable of. Fantastic. I’m so proud!

Thank you for taking the time to share, and you know what, I’d not worry too much about ‘ruining your denial’. Push the envelope, see if you really can’t cum, and don’t worry about it if you do, just enjoy it as the fruits of your research. You’ll only learn more of what’s possible if you dare to take things further, so give it a go, and report back so we can benefit from your experience!

James x

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