Thank you for creating a gloriously fun place for women to explore their sexuality in a safe environment. I came here for the uplifting feminism as much if not more than for the porn. Please consider ending all posts from here on out with where we can find you again. I’m hoping to see you again on Pillowfort.

Well as you’ve probably read, the plan is to stay right here and post non-nude content, as in theory at least, I can write dirty, dirty words and that’s all fine. Plus the system of asks etc is still workable. And we’ll explore a few different mediums for your scrolling and edging needs, Discord’s looking likely, BDSMlr perhaps but I doubt it can cope with the influx right now.

The big change, that I’ve been planning anyway is that the domain, won’t just redirect to this blog, it’ll be it’s own website that will be secure forever, and I’ll move the best of what’s on here to there too.

So it’s an evolution, not a evisceration. 

Read the main post about it here@

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