As many of you awesome followers know, I have told my pet, bijouxrm , that she will not have another full, satisfying orgasm until she has completed 1,000 ruined orgasms.

To that end, until she has met that goal, I would like to enlist your help.

Please send to her, either publicly or anonymously, messages describing all the wonderful, satisfying orgasms that you have.

You should be as descriptive as possible because as she reads them, she is to edge and then ruin an orgasm just for you and then write a public response about how it made her feel.

If she has an especially hard, achey and difficult ruined orgasm, we may post the audio of it for everyone’s enjoyment. That way we can all hear her desperate pleas, moans and whimpers.

Please reblog this if you feel inclined to help even more. I’ll be reposting this fairly regularly throughout Phase 2 as I suspect that it will do a number on her.

I take full blame for this, it was my suggestion.
Any of my followers who are actually allowed to orgasm (and just why would that be?!!!) I encourage you to contribute!

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