I’ve always found teases from online satisfy me more than drive me crazy. Here’s a list of some of the most effective I’ve come up with for myself. They are meant to give no satisfaction, play into my humiliation kink, and usually make me pretty wet. But, I have to admit that these also offer more relief than I’d like.

This can be a game with a d20. Just reroll if you get a number above 15.

1. Stuff your cunt and sit with your legs spread while browsing tumblr. 15 mins.

2. Fill your cunt with a dildo for 30 seconds. Remove the cock and put your panties back on.

3.Bend over your bed with your legs spread. Grind against it for 5 mins.

4. Write a sign that explains what a slut you are and clip it to your tits. Hold the chain of the clamps in your mouth and sit on the armchair with your legs spread for 10 mins.

5. Put a trail of bengay along your bathtub. Slide up and down it for 5 mins. If you edge, you’re done and must kneel in the living room with your ass in the air and your knees spread.

6. Kneel with your legs spread and the spreader bar between them. Clip your outer labia to the middle ring. Random time less than 10 mins.

7. Take a nap (at least 30 mins) with a pillow between your knees, pressed against your cunt. Don’t you dare grind it. Fantasize. (I have an incredibly dirty mind when napping). Send fantasies to Master in email.

8. Make yourself dripping wet. Then grind a piece of furniture and lick your juices off. If bengay, wipe it off with any part of your body but your hand.

9. Hold your mouth on a cock for five minutes with your legs spread. Don’t move.

10. Write the word whore on a piece of masking tape and put it on your forehead. Stick your dildo to the wall under your window and fuck yourself as slowly as possible for 5 mins. Stop to keep from cumming, but complete the full time.

11. Sit with a vibrator on low laying on your cunt. You may try to edge until it falls off. (This one never fails to frustrate the hell out of me)

12. Kneel with legs spread and your ass in the air for 10 mins. Stuff your cunt and your face.

13. Put on 5 pairs of panties and try to edge on one of your couch cushions. Every 30 seconds over 3 minutes it takes to reach the edge is  smack to each ass cheek (round up) . Stop after 10 mins of trying, shove the innermost pair of panties in your mouth, complete all smacks, and then describe what a worthless fuck toy you are out loud 5 different ways, with the panties still in your mouth. Then you may take them out.

14. Write a fantasy about how hard you want to be fucked. Then grind your pussy along a cock for about a minute and stop. Don’t move for another minute, then get off. 

15. Kneel with your ass in the air and a spreader bar between your knees just out of sight of an open window. Stay like this for a random time less than 10 mins.

A promising new blog for all of us denial fans. Apparently I’m her first follower so I encourage you to check it out. Here’s a nice list of tasks she’s come up with as a taster!

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