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Just a tip for people buying off lovehoney, if you can afford it buy the womanizer starlet. Omg hands down the best toy ever! My boyfriend uses it to drive me wild and it takes seconds to build up. Also if you sign up to their daily deals they send amazing offers

I do hear good things about them but fuck me, who picked that god-awful name!

Clueless boss:‘Oh yes, our target is professional liberal sex toy enjoying women, any name suggestions?’

Neanderthal marketing man: ‘Well she’s a woman right, so we could call it a ‘womanizer ‘cos it like does a woman!’

Dickhead boss: ‘Brilliant, I love it, the Womanizer it is!’

Other brands are DEFINITELY available, but annoyingly the womanizer is still one of the best. Lovehoney have been smart and rebranded it as ‘Desire’, oh and it’s purple, I’m in!

Lovehoney Clit Suction Vibes

Then again you could just grab a lover or even a good friend and suggest you practise this:


Hi sir ! I have this clit suction vibrator called the “womanizer” seriously that the name, just google it. Anyway can you give me a denial task to play with it ? ~F

Hi F! I know it, it looks pretty good, although I have in the past ranted about what a stupid fucking name that is.

As for edging, well first, lube up your nipples and try it for extended periods on those first, some women LOVE that. 

Then try some lube on your clit, it really makes the suction of these things more effective (the thicker the better), and put it on for one second, then pull off, wait five seconds and then put it on for two, pull off and wait five, repeat building longer and longer, until you pull it off before the time runs out because otherwise you’d cum, then you’re done.

For those shocked at the price of these things, don’t forget you do the same for cheap by giving a friend my guide to cunnilingus, and then riding their face.

However if you do fancy one let me point you to my just updated Lovehoney Offers and Discounts page where you can save up to 25%, which definitley makes them more affordable (plus if you don’t like it you get up to a year to send it back, yep, used! without any questions – it’s why I love Lovehoney