Blog Post, Female Orgasm Denial

I ruined an orgasm last night – I know I wasn’t supposed to – and today I put toothpaste on my clit for the first time for my punishment and I edged with it on. It was really painful but I am also throbbing at the thought of doing it again. In the future I think I should do it immediately after I come or ruin, to strengthen the association and maybe make it less of a turn-on. What would you suggest doing in addition to this for punishment?

Band snapping, right on your bare clit (as kinda recommended by Kelly Osbourne’s The-rapist…) Then […]

Blog Post

Hello James. Day 2 of the Christmas challenge. It’s 12:18 and my first two edge of the day are done : first one fingers only and second one humping on my pillow. Since my girlfriend and I are apart for the holidays, we’re doing our own version of the Christmas challenge. Christmas Day will be a ruin each on facetime. I was thinking of doing the Coin for each other on January 1st (since we’ll be seeing each other for the first time in weeks), but now I’m thinking of competing for the orgasm.(1/2)

Any thoughts on how to do it? I’d like your input very much. Thank you […]