Blog Post, Female Orgasm Denial

Hi James. I’ve been reading your blog for years now and actually created this tumblr later on to follow it, but I’ve been too scared to ask anything until now.. but anyways, I’m trans and just hit 9 months of denial. (partially to save myself from a bit of dysphoria, but also because I love it) I’m finally on track to getting SRS in a few years. Do you think I should wait to cum until after the surgery, or to wait until I find someone I love to experience the first time with?

Hey there, I think that sex reassignment surgery is one of the biggest decisions anyone […]

Blog Post, Female Orgasm Denial

Hey James! I’m a trans guy into denial and I also have extreme dysphoria. I try to edge a lot of the time and i get almost nowhere. Of course edging Does wonders but my bottom dysphoria gets in the way? Also sometimes it gets harder to breathe when I do accidentally go over the edge because I do bind my chest. I know this is a female orgasm denial blog but is there anything that I can do to have more fun with denial? -Jordan

Hey Jordan, All denial questions welcome!!! Let’s see what I can come up with for […]

Blog Post, Female Orgasm Denial

Random trans guy who enjoys your blog here. I actually edged for the first time like a half hour ago (with an hour of just slow grinding as a lead up, it was very nice) and like… when I cum I usually feel so tired and exhausted, but I’m vibrating with energy right now. Like yeah I’m still kinda horny but I don’t really have a need to do anything right now (I assume it’ll get worse if I continue to edge only) but is that normal? To have a burst of energy?

Very normal! Edging and denial can be very energising indeed. Different routines work for different […]

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I just spent like an hour on your blog because I was like “yo, hot stuff”, but then I realized that I’m actually really interested in you as a person and how you work with all this. I also wanted to know if you’d take on my rather tricky case – I’m a pre-op trans guy but a very sexual being and very into denial. I just happen to suck at it. Almost all anons on here were female but I wasn’t sure if that was your preference…? I’m on mobile so I didn’t find any FAQ or anything ahhh sorry

Well thank you, so nice to know the blog’s hot, most appreciated! I tend to […]