Blog Post, Female Orgasm Denial

Okay so not an ask but I have nowhere else to brag about this. So I am a typical woman, in that I can’t get off on penetration alone. However, I find that penetration feels SO much better than stimulating my clit. So today I wanted to try something crazy, inspired by your tumblr. I started by taking a small bit of toothpaste and rubbing it on my clit, spreading my pussy and relishing how good the burn felt. It wasn’t enough pain for me though, so I gradually put on more and more (part 1)

Once the burn was good enough, I pulled out my vibrating dildo and used it […]

Blog Post

Hi James, pastey here (thank you for the nickname!) I thought I’d bring you another update! So yesterday I was on my fifth edge when I accidentally went over and didn’t manage to ruin it! So as punishment last night i put toothpaste on my clit and then put myself on no-touch. So I woke up at like 3 this morning with my hands in my pants about to cum, I did manage to ruin it! Can you give a new challenge? I don’t have a Dom and would love someone to control what I do!

Hi Pastey! Lovely to hear from you again! So, I think it’s time for an […]

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Hi James, after being interrupted by the door with toothpaste on my clit I decided to explore it more and thought you’d like to hear! I was on an overnight coach and put toothpaste on my clit in the bathroom before going back to my seat, I had to try so hard to be quiet and I wasn’t able to touch myself at all, it made me so wet! I sat trying to edge by squeezing my thighs together and I got so close but wasn’t able to get myself to cum!

Oh Pastey (new nickname) I’m loving your reports, it seems fate has you marked out […]