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Secret Couples Tasks

Hi James, I absolutely love your tumblr! It’s what first introduced me and my boyfriend to denial and I can honestly say it’s changed my life. My boyfriend has really discovered his inner dominant and how much he loves to have control, and I’ve really realised how much I like to not have control, be teased and humiliated.

At the minute we’re 1 week into a 4 week holiday with his parents, but we’re all sharing a small hotel room together so we don’t have much privacy. It’s been super hot and been making me very drippy laying in bed with my boyfriend secretly teasing my clit and body while his parents are laid a few feet away. I usually can’t help being quite loud or making noise when I orgasm, so I don’t know how I’m going to last another three weeks of this.

My boyfriends a little sadistic and wants to makes this as hard as possible on me so we were wondering if you had any suggestions, ideas, little games we could play or any advice really for the next three weeks.

Lucie xxx

Hi Lucie, apologies for the slow reply, my inbox has an avalanche warning.

Thank you for the wonderful encouragement. It’s why I run this blog, denial can truly be the most transformative and wonderful kink!

Okay, so here’s some secret game ideas for couples into denial:

  • The Codewords – agree a few innocent phrases that he can say any time that actually mean you have to do something naughty. They could include
  1. ‘I feel a bit nippy’ Play with your nipples until they are hard
  2. ‘What time is it?’ – Go the bathroom and edge hard for three minutes
  3. ‘How are you feeling, baby?’ – rub my cock secretly under the table with a hand or foot
  4. ‘What’s up? – pull your panties right up into your slit and keep them there
  5. ‘Hi sexy pants’ – thigh masturbate yourself right now until I tell you to stop
  6. ‘How are you doin’?’ – your reply indicates how horny and wet you are e.g. ‘Not bad’ – kinda horny not very wet, through to, ‘So great’ – you are dripping and want to fuck his brains out
  7. and make up your own!
  • A day of intense edging – pick a day where you have to edge hard, every 30 minutes. Every time you go you text him and he’ll add instructions – do it naked, fucking only, do it on your knees, no cleaning up, shove your panties in your first and come back with them in, etc
  • Go without panties, every other day.
  • If it suits your body shape, lose your bra and be proud of your nipples being on show.
  • Sleep naked – once they’re asleep strip, and put them on again in the morning.
  • Try some secret pee play – you have to drink a certain amount of water every hour but can only go to the bathroom with his permission, let him add conditions to make it harder.
  • If it’s dark enough, give him a blowjob right there in bed secretly under the sheets and swallow his cum to keep it all secret.
  • Buy a marker pen and write degrading things over your body before dressing. Get him to tell you what to write and where.
  • Go and find some private spots, in the countryside or if in a town, in changing rooms perhaps, and have lots of fun together. If you dare, one time try letting him cum over your chest and walking around with it on you.

Most of all, just make sure you’re having fun with it. Keep talking to each other, tell him what you love him doing best, both of you try to come up with your own ideas, as you do your creativity will grow.

Let us know how you get on!!!


I’m used to edging 5-10 times a day but since coming back to college I’ve been finding it hard to get away from my roommate. She and I have pretty much the same schedule so the only alone time I have is in the shower. How can I secretly masturbate without her knowing or where can I go to get the job done?

Well I’d see it as a challenge. Firstly the shower is obviously a good start. Also sat on the toilet, seat up or down depending which you find more comfortable.

Then there’s trying it in public restrooms, some people love that, others find it understandably icky. I just encourage you to give it a go, you might love the thrill of doing it secretly, but somewhere public. 

In which case it opens up a whole world of possibilities, rest rooms, changing rooms, etc.

Next, for even more public, but even more secret explore the (literally) hidden art of thigh masturbation – many discover they can edge just by crossing their thighs and squeezing rhythmically. Read more here:

Lastly, edging really isn’t a noisy activity. I’d suggest you try being brave, and when it’s dark, do it in bed! Decide it’s fun and naughty to do it silently without her knowing. If you lift your knees and spread them a little you don’t even get your hand rubbing on the sheet to make a noise. And what’s best is that it’s a HUGE disincentive to orgasm, because you probably would make a noise, so it’s actually great if you want to get better at denying yourself.

Beyond all that, if she’s a friend and you trust her, and your intuition tells you she might be kinky too, you could even tell her about denial. Check out all the denial buddy ideas, some of which are specifically designed to tell a friend about it and share the thrill of edging. See if you can lead her to this blog (hint, anyone just googling ‘female orgasm denial’ will find this!). You wouldn’t have to be quiet at all if she’s doing it at the same time, would you…


Hi! I’m about to go on vacation with my family where I’ll have to share a room. Any advice on how/when/where I should play with myself?

1. In bed, are you so noisy you can’t masturbate under a sheet? No. So no excuses, I want a morning and night time edge right in that bed.

2. In the bathroom – edge in the shower, rub your pussy on the edge of the bath, watch yourself in the mirror – make the most of the privacy, look into your own eyes as you edge and get off on the frustration you see

3. Around the house – practise some thigh masturbation as you’re sitting around, relaxing https://female-orgasm-denial.tumblr.com/search/thigh+masturbation 

4. Out and about – if you’re somewhere warm and beautiful, find a safe spot and edge out there in the big wide world if you can. Many people are very aroused by edging outside or in different places. If you’re somewhere urban, do it in some restaurant toilet or a shop changing room.

Manage four a day, every day, with at least two in different places, and you can cum as much as you want on your last day of vacation.

Have fun!

Hey James, just wanting to ask… I randomly get horny throughout the day and I want to know…. how can I masturbate around others?

Assuming you’re a woman, then yes (guys, it’s never acceptable to spank the monkey in public, just to be clear).

Lots of women enjoy ‘thigh masturbation’ – (usually) crossing your legs, and then squeezing your thighs so that they add pressure to your pussy and clit (and just the clenching feels good too).

Some also bounce their leg over the other, like tapping a foot in the air. A sizeable number of women can cum from it, and some can ONLY cum from it if they started very early (it’s been reported in toddlers). 

Others are reading this for the first time and going ‘fuck off that isn’t a thing’. it really is! (I’ve caught several women doing it on the Tube in London before now).

Read some more about it:


I’m in the cinema and my core is absolutely aching right now, I wanna lift up my skirt and do naughty things..

By tracing out possible mistypings on a keyboard I’m going to assume you mean your ‘clit’ is aching. Good. Just as it should be.

This is one of the beauties of wearing a skirt, easy access. But even more subtle is the old thigh squeeze masturbation, practised by millions of smart little public masturbators around the world.

Of course the whole point of those big boxes of popcorn is so you can do naughty things under them…

Children get curious when they hit puberty. They watch porn/see things that are not obtainable unless by photoshop or plastic surgery. You feel anything but ‘hot’ during puberty & in porn only ‘hot’ girls/guys do sex stuff. By no one teaching them what sex & pleasure is really about, their self image & esteem suffers. By teaching them it, the healthy way, without bad influences (porn etc) they will be more likely to do things at their own pace & not do it to just get it overwith. Good parenting!


Personally I got curious way before puberty. I was masturbating most days from about 7 years old and even long before that remember chasing after feelings of arousal. 

This tends to happen with girls too especially if they discover the whole thigh squeezing masturbation technique, which some report doing from VERY early on.

This incredible list of comments on a question about it is absolutely fascinating reading:


Oh yeah, this is awesome for secret orgasm denial… just saying…