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So a couple of questions 1) does being a guy and loving to watch women deny themselves make me a denial bitch or a denial bastard? 2) not really a question but the woman using the desensitiviy crime made me laugh from happiness, is that normal? -colt

lol, ‘Denial bastard’ I’m loving that!

And yes, it’s completely normal, for a denial bastard!

Hi James! Just wanted to let all of your lovely denied bitches that I’ve already come three times today, but it’s just not enough, so I think I’m going to get myself off another once or twice before bed! It’s going to feel so good to fuck myself with my fingers and then play with my clit until I come. It’s all the more satisfying knowing that none of them will be coming with me! Cheers ;)

No no no, you got the terminology wrong. They’re Denial Sluts, YOU are the Denial Bitch, the one cumming while they can’t. Oh how they love to hate you as they rub their wet little cunts in desperation.

But besides that, great work! It’s the circle of denial, they make your orgasms better and you make their denial even hotter.