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I have been thinking about orgasms lately and how I have never had someone else make me cum and it made me start to really think about when l “cum”. I put that it quotes because I am starting to think I am not really cumming. I tend to stop when it feels overwhelmingly good and then I am left wet and squirmy. I always assumed that overwhelmingly good was cumming but as I read it seems I might just be edging or ruining them. How do I know? — Squirming Sage.

Hello Sage,

Do your ‘orgasms’ leave you aching for more? Could you rub your clit hard just seconds after you ‘cum’? Do your ‘climaxes’ leave you feeling satisfied and blissed out or are you hornier than ever?

Hmm, I wouldn’t worry about it. Sounds like you’re having perfect ‘orgasms’. I mean, imagine if you’d never actually cum. Wouldn’t that be crazy? You’ve only ever edged and perhaps ruined your orgasms?  I mean, a girl like that, she’d be drawn to blogs that encourage her to just… keep on doing it. She’d get turned on by that idea. She’d get all aroused at the idea of having accidentally never cum, and now, deliberately continuing it.

So Squirming Sage, I’d say, just keep on doing what you’re doing. 

It’s perfect.

Good girl,


uuh so ive been listening to Cals curse and at first i didn’t think it was working at all (after every time i listened to it i would jerk off and cum) but now…. I’m having a hard time cumming even WITH permission??? i stopped listening to it a few days ago (listened one day 3 times, the next few 2 or 3 each day, then stopped) have you ever heard of this?? is this supposed to happen? i really need to cum but i can’t even with permission

Oh no, how awful (I think it’s hot actually – don’t read the bits in brackets if you do too)

I’m so sorry to hear that (nope, I love it)

This is very rare but it can happen, I really should have warned you more about it (but why when it’s so fun)

I’m afraid you seem to have listened to Cals Curse too often. You didn’t go over the recommended listening limits did you? (there’s no such thing)

I’m afraid you’re experiencing what’s known as a Hypno Cascade. Even though you’ve stopped listening the triggers are planted, and unstoppable (I just completely made this up)

It takes the effects of the triggers and permanently applies them (again, bullshit)

There’s no way to stop this. Your ability to cum is gone, I’m afraid. No matter how hard you edge you’ll never be able to reach climax (you wish)

The one time I’ve heard of a cure it required the subject to not touch her clit for I think four to six weeks. But it was only successful when she still kept herself on edge through vaginal and anal penetration. (I’m having fun now)

If there’s anything I can do to help though, please message me (I promise this is just the beginning of the mindfuck – next time you don’t get brackets)


I’m withering and humping my bed right now trying so hard not to touch myself after reading your blog. Please may I touch my pussy to get some relief or even alittle more torment. I just need to touch

No, you’re to pull your panties right up into your aching slit, from clit to ass, and then you’re to only play with your breasts, pulling and rubbing your nipples to make the ache even worse. 

You’re to leave them like that all day, and if you manage that then, when you get to bed you may take them off, and rub your clit ONLY while you slowly push your panties into your cunt, whatever you can manage. If you can’t get any more in, you have to stop rubbing. At which point hands back to your tits and the only stimulation you are now allowed is grinding your desperate little clit against the edge of your mattress. Stop when you edge or you just can’t do it any more. You only get one go at it.

Then slowly pull out the panties (don’t cum, seriously, it’s a real risk), and put them back on and that’s it for the night you messy little denial slut. No touching until you wake in the morning, at which point you have your first edge of the day, however you want. If you manage four more during the day (at least an hour between each) I might let you play the next day too.