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I’m a dripping, denied virgin. My pussy is always swollen, pink and freshly edged but there’s never actually been anything inside of me so i don’t know if I should stay an untouched tight little virgin or try at least my fingers?

Well you know with most girls I encourage them to explore extensively. To discover how amazing it feels to slide your fingers inside that wet little fuck hole between your legs. To feel your heart race when you first feel the stretch of a toy, opening you up, discovering what you’re for, how it is to be finally filled and used the way every part of you craves.

But you, anon, none of that for you. No, you’re not allowed. All you can do is rub that desperate little clit of yours and dream, dream of how good it might feel.

Why? Because it makes it even better for the rest of them. As they fuck, and finger, and thrust deep inside, they can get off imagining poor little you, denied, frustrated, needy, never having felt just how good it is.

Your sacrifice will be enjoyed by all.

Except you.

Good girl.

What’s the best way to do a vibrator tease? (Using a vibe without adjustable speeds)

Try it through different layers, so pants, then just panties or panties and a towel, then NEAR your clit but not on it, then right on it. Slowly work up, and take breaks every few minutes where you can only fuck and play with your breasts until you are desperate to vibe again.