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hi james it’s stephanie from yesterday with just a little bit of an update, sir was pleased with how i behaved and gave me some of the most beautiful and intense forced orgasms i have ever been blessed to feel, i was a sobbing shaking mess and half way through master had to put a ball gag in my to keep my quiet, all in all it was very intense and painful but who so enjoyable so thank you so much for giving me permission! but now i’m on strict edging until the unforeseen future, thank you x

Oh I love updates, thank you Stephanie!

Well that sounds epic. I’m so glad it worked out so wonderfully!

I suspect you may have a long wait…

You’re welcome!


hi james i’m stephanie and i’ve been denied for 3 months now and i’ve been on strict edging every day with an exceptionally no touch for a week every month along with sleeping with a dildo in every other night, and my master is allowing me to cum but only if i get permission from you. please may i cum? i’ve been such a good girl! master even said if i am allowed to cum he’ll have fun with post orgasm torture with me so pleaaassseeee may i cum please?

Hi Stephanie,

Sounds like you have totally earned an orgasm. That tends to make me want to say ‘no’ because it’s usually what you want to hear, but…

…if he’s really going to POT you then yes, you can cum.

Enjoy, and then, don’t enjoy, and then scream for it to stop, and then when it does, want more…

Good girl