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My husband found out I send u an ask. He told me if I want to touch my clit/edge again I need to ask you (he like it very much sound horny all the time) and he said if you said no. I will be on no touch till he come home (not February now) thanks to you. I’ve been no panties and watching an hour of pron. Wherever I sit I made a mess. Can I please have my panties back so I don’t making mess. And please sir, my poor little clit need some attention very much so. Would u give me permission please?

Oh hello again Slutwife! He ‘found out’ did he… I bet you told him. You can definitely touch, but you have to tell your husband at the end of every day how many edges you’ve done and what you imagine him doing to you while you edge.

You are also to call him and have phone sex while he masturbates too, if he wants to. Listen to him cum while you just edge, he’ll like that.

You may wear panties on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays but only if you’ve watched an extra hour of porn while edging the previous day.

Good wife.

Sir. I was on my second edge on the day on the phone with my husband and it feel so good while thinking his husband penis and his voice. I try to be a good girl to wait for him to come home on February. I cum. I feel so naughty and bad about it.

Slutwife! Oh no, that is so naughty!

You are on no touch for a week. Breast and anal play only, your clit and pussy go untouched. The only exception is when you are on the phone with your husband when you may fuck yourself but NOT touch your clit.

On top of that you are to watch an hour of porn every day.

Oh and no panties, all week.

Bad girl!