Blog Post, Female Orgasm Denial

I am definitely a denial slut! I just stumbled upon your JuNO stuff yesterday and immediately knew I wanted to join and still do a full 30 days if I can. So my fiancé and I put some additional rules together which I can share later, but my question is, I love the torture of denial but my fiancé struggles with staying strict and denying me when he says he wants too because he loves seeing me cum so much. How can I help him stay strong? I know I can, but he can’t resist! Help!

Show him the posts I just shared – once he gets that you truly prefer […]

Blog Post, Female Orgasm Denial

Hey James!! I’ve always been into your blog (literally for years) and into denying myself, but it’s gotten really hard for me lately. It might be because my partners don’t understand my desire for denial (even when i tell them), or maybe I’m just not disciplined enough, but I’m going to start actually using this tumblr account and I’ll do my best to update you and anyone else on my progress! I love the feeling of not cumming and i want more of an incentive to keep my orgasms out of easy reach :)

Lovely to have us join us. Have you seen my notes for partners? They aren’t […]

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I’ve been so fixated on this single mental picture lately….I want to be tied down. Vibrators on the lowest setting stuffed into my ass and pussy. Vibrator on the lowest setting tied to my leg so it’s just barely brushing my clit. Blindfold on. Noise cancelling headphones playing audio porn. And I want to be left like that until I lose my mind. Now…I just need to work up the nerve to tell my girlfriend…

Just show her this post and say ‘holy shit, I have exactly the same fantasy, can […]