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I’m having sex for the first time new week because I’m ready emotionally and physically but want some advice on how I should go about trying to fit my boyfriend’s díck in my pussy when I can’t even get 2 fingers in their myself even after trying for so many years. HOW DO I GO ABOUT THIS?

Okay, I’m very glad you asked about this!

So look, not to get too personal but a lot depends on how big his cock is. The average cock size is about 6 inches. And if he’s around average size then as long as you take things slowly, get really excited first, and USE LUBE it’s going to be fine.

Lube makes your cherry pop so much sweeter

No really, just your wetness, or god forbid, spit, is NOT ENOUGH. Especially when you’re doing it for the first few times but honestly, lube always makes sex better (and is always essential for anal sex, ALWAYS).

Your pussy is designed for cock, if you’re relaxed, lubed and horny it’s going to be good. 

But let’s step away from the denial blog here, and get reading my tips on how to make the first time AWESOME

Follow those tips, and you can’t go far wrong. If your hymen is still intact there might be a little sharp moment of pain where that’s streched more, and even a little blood, from both that and just your vagina isn’t used to being fucked, yet… but that’s completely normal and your pussy, like your mouth, heals super fast and is literally designed for this, so go slow, have fun, and you’ll do great.

Unless, he has a monster cock. If he’s really well endowed then we just need to add a bit more to think about. Basically, it’s going to hurt. Hopefully not a lot, and hopefully, if you’ve done all the above, in that ‘good kinda hurt’ way. Some women actually totally love that feeling of being stretched, but you’re new to it so the big thing is to use EXTRA lube and go EXTRA slow. I mean, crazy good self control by him needed here not to just wham it in, In fact the best tip is just as I’d suggest with anal for anyone, you go on top for that first time. Lower yourself onto him as slowly as you want, and take it little by little, stretching and edging yourself as you go. If it hurts too much then just go for getting the head in and then give him a blow job for being so patient and try again another day.

If he is big btw, make sure to read my guide on blow jobs for big cocks

Two notes, if it continues to hurt, go see a doctor! It shouldn’t and doctors literally train to help you with this stuff. So be brave and don’t suffer, get it sorted.

Secondly, all this assumes you’re both being smart with both birth control (don’t be in this situation, ever) and safe sex. If you’re not, then you might be emotionally ready but you ain’t physically ready, so get it sorted first and make sure it’s a hot, fun and sexy first time.

Oh and tell us all about how it goes cos’ we’re all pervs here and we love hearing about it.

Oh and I’d be remiss if I didn’t add edging into the mix. Edging for a few days up to it would never be a bad thing, it’ll help you be at peak arousal when it’s all happening, which you’ll both enjoy.


I’m embarrassed to say but I haven’t ever got past the hymen. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I try pushing past it and no matter how hard i push nothing happens and I just hurt. So i’ve resorted to doing all sexual stuff not involving my vagina. But i just want to finally penetrate but it isnt working and im frustrated

So this probably isn’t what you want to hear but, you should see a doctor about this. 

Rarely a hymen can be ‘septate’ which means instead of it just being a fringe around the inside of your vagina it actually blocks it a bit, or it can even be completely blocking it (imperforate). Or some mix in between:


It’s a really easy fix but needs to be done by a doctor, so I know it can be embarrassing but you’ve been brave enough to write to me, so I really encourage you to just talk to them about it, and get this sorted.

Even if it isn’t that, it’s some kind of issue that it’s worth getting medical advice on. I know even in western countries it’s hard and in other cultures even more difficult but you are more than your culture and you need to be confident taking responsibility for your sexual health, rather than just being scared to talk about it and so suffering silently, don’t do that!

And of course you don’t need to say ‘I keep trying to fuck myself and it won’t happen’ – your best bet is using tampons as the excuse ‘They just won’t go in and it hurts’. And ask for a female doctor, most places will respect that.

I hope that helps! Get it sorted and start to enjoy penetration, it’s literally what your pussy is for!