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Hey tumblr probably banned it but if you still have it could you possibly re upload or link me to your post about how to go down on a girl?? It has seriously helped me in the past and I could use a refresher lol. Thank you for your time, I’m so glad you are still here!

I’ve actually reworked it without the explicit images for Tumblr but apparently even illustrations of sex are banned, not even kidding.

So thankfully it’s all backed up on the new blog so get your ass down there and refresh on your suck and whirl techniques!


Hey there, I have never been able to have an orgasm during sex before, but rather feel satisfied with the act itself. Ironically, all I would care about when I would play with myself was getting a bunch of orgasms in. Now, having tried denial(although I haven’t been able to edge recently really[I keep accidentally cumming]), it is awesome and makes me playtime more fun and difficult. Even talked to my boy about it and we may be adding it to our play. Love your blog!

Thank you! It’s definitely worth adding in, and can I suggest if he’s up for it, try it for BOTH of you, even if it’s playing in the morning, neither of you cumming, and then delighting in how horny and attentive it makes you both all day until you both, or he, cums that evening. It’ll win him over AND give him a better understanding of WHY this crazy idea is so hot.

Not cumming during sex is very common, if we’re talking about the actual fucking part. Only about 30% of women report that being enough to make them cum, and yes, despite not cumming it can be very satisfying. 

BUT, if we put aside the denial part for a bit and see ‘sex’ as more than just the penetration, then you should be cumming as part of the experience. My personal rule when we aren’t practising denial, is pretty much always ‘she cums first’. My wife will have usually had 2-3 orgasms before I even put my cock in her. It makes her happy, horny and feeling very connected, and also means she’s more likely to actually cum from being fucked (as long as you’ve kept up the pace and don’t let her slip off the ‘orgasmic plateau’ as it’s called.

So as well as exploring denial, which obviously is great, I do encourage you both to try that too, Whether it’s with his fingers, mouth or toys, try you cumming first when you’re making love, it’s as positive experience as bringing edging and denial to the bedroom in my opinion. 


So I’m a woman and always had no problems in coming on my own, though only by touching my clit, but I’ve never come while having sex with someone. It just doesn’t happen, I had a few times that famous ‘gotta pee’ sensation so I guess my G spot works, but I never came. I like playing with orgasm denial on my own, and I’d like to extend it to other situations as well but it’s no use if I’m not able to come in the first place. Any advice? And thanks for your Tumblr, it’s amazing!

Hi Anon, thanks for the compliments and the interesting question.

First let’s clear up that the majority of women, about 70% most estimates say, don’t cum from just being fucked. Penetration alone just isn’t enough. So while you’ve had some success with g-spot penetration, which is encouraging, that’s pretty normal, to not orgasm from it.

The real trick is your partner knowing what they are doing and getting you to the point, mostly through foreplay, where you are already right on the edge of cumming, and then the actual penetrative sex being enough to take you over the edge. So that’s basically a combination of mental arousal through the way they act and the things they say to you, plus great foreplay – breast stimulation, fingering, masturbation and cunnilingus. The fingering, or dildo play being key to get your g-spot really receptive to stimulation from being fucked.

Option one is teaching your partner to up their skills so that you’re so close enough when they actually get to the fucking part to have you cum.

To make that more successful you should also be concentrating on fucking yourself. Buy a good dildo and or g-spot vibe. Make fucking yourself a key part of most of your edging sessions. If you can learn to take yourself over from internal stimulation then it massively increases your chances of it happening with someone else.

But, there’s another option. Which is deliberately NOT teach them better sex skills. You don’t have to be able to cum from sex to enjoy being denied during it. It’s all about how you frame it in your mind.

This is advice I give a lot to kinky wives who message me asking for advice about what to do about their vanilla husbands. Yes in time they might be able to get him to up his skills and get more dom, but they can enjoy things even now if they just frame it differently in their heads. If they decide or are told they are not ALLOWED to cum from having sex suddenly the whole situation is turned around. 

Combined with regular private edging, sex suddenly becomes a delicious torture where you watch them take pleasure in you without you getting the release you crave. If you want to get really twisted about it you can even fake cumming so they definitely won’t make any more effort, and it’s such a mind fuck to pretend to have the pleasure you are so desperate for. 

Or even more… imagine his delight when you convince him to have anal, and it turns out you cum from it every single time. It’s a miracle. I bet he can’t wait to tell all his friends.

So my point is, don’t worry about it. Try changing things and see if you can cum after more foreplay, sure. But the route to definite success is actually changing your mindset, from ‘I can’t cum from penetration’ to ‘I’m never allowed to cum from penetration’ – if you’re horny and desperate enough from your own edging then that suddenly becomes something thrilling to look forward to, and not a source of disappointment.

I hope that helps, let us know how you got on!


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Hi James! In reference to your reply to the anon having a pregnancy and STI scare I just wanted to say that I really appreciate how much you seem to care about your followers! You’re like a daddy of denial;) one thing tho, you said that women can get pregnant for 5 days in their cycle, while that was previously thought to be true the egg is only viable for 3 days BUT sperm can survive for a week inside the female reproductive tract so there are potentially 10 days ~ K (human anatomy student) x

Thanks anon – opinions seem to vary, 5-6 days is the average, but for many women their dates are all over the place every month. It’s common for ovulation to move by up to 7 days back or forth. So the point emphasised lower in the post is the key one. If you think just trying to miss the fertile days is how you’ll avoid getting pregnant the statistics show there’s a 1 in 4 chance you’ve gonna be a baby momma within a year. SO DON’T DO THAT.

As we’re coming back to the topic I just want to emphasise how much fun you can have without actually having sex. Because ultimately folks, the only 100% way you can be sure not to get pregnant is not have an erect penis near the vagina area.

Jesus ain’t your sperm goalie…

I speak from experience. My wife and I were both virgins when we hooked up, and for a mixture of reasons, the desire not to get pregnant, our church backgrounds (she’s a pastor’s kid), and on the positive side, the desire to take things slow and have fun the whole way, we decided not to have sex before our wedding night. And it was awesome! (and took god-tier self control)

We spent a couple of years learning all the amazing ways we could pleasure each other, without me sticking my dick in her pussy. Or her ass actually, (Although as fucked up as it is this whole ‘I’m a good Christian girl so I only do anal to stay chaste’ thing is, it still tickles me.)

I look back and the roots of my denial kink are all there, teasing her, edging her brains out, and also my zen master oral skills abilities too. But actually it wasn’t always that full on. We also spent months just kissing and touching and talking (I know right…), because we weren’t in a rush to get to ‘wham bam thank you maam’. We slept together, we showered and bathed together, but we just didn’t fuck, and it was great.

Now I’m not preaching abstinence. You’ve read this blog right? What I am saying is that it would be WAY better to do other hot, sexy stuff with each other than have unprotected sex, with all the stress and anxiety both the risk of pregnancy and STIs can bring.

So listen to Halfadollar people:


Casey here. I’ve faked an orgasm every single time I’ve ever had sex. My boyfriend WANTS to be considerate and generous and all, but I just can’t find any way to tell him that the way he licks my pussy, he might as well be licking my elbow. He usually just fingers me for a second then ploughs right in as if I can get off just from his dick inside me, and I moan and writhe but I’m nowhere near to cumming, and when he cums and slumps on top of me I clench around him and cry out so he can feel (1/)

like he’s done a great job but it’s just so frustrating. I don’t want to play with myself in the shower, I want him to make me cum. Every single time I just lie there pretending I’m worn out and satisfied when I’m burning up inside. I’ve gotten so good at faking it. What can I do?

Hi Casey,

Okay, great question, and a common issue.

But at the moment, you’re part of the problem. You, faking your orgasms, for whatever reason, is giving him the wrong signals. He thinks he’s doing it right when in fact, he’s crap.

But why would he ever try to get better if he thinks what he’s doing is making you cum?

There’s a couple of ways to approach this and it mainly depends on the nature of your relationship.

If it can handle it, then my recommended approach is just to be straight with him.

Sit him down, hold his hand and…

‘So look, we need to talk about something. I love you and love being your girlfriend but I have to admit something (pause, he’s going to think it’s REALLY bad, so your admission will be a relief).

‘I’ve been faking all my orgasms. I’m sorry, I didn’t want to make you feel bad but we really need to improve what we do in bed as I’m going a bit crazy…’

Notice the ‘our’ it’s a joint problem you’re going to work through together. He’ll be shocked, but hopefully then you can talk it through, be honest, and agree together to communicate more and try new things. If he doesn’t agree to this, he’s a complete dick, but you know that.

The second option is better if you’re not sure he or the relationship could handle the hard truth in one go. Basically you need to stop faking your orgasms over time, and we hope he picks up on that and starts to realise he’s not good at this.

In both cases above, the key is communication and education. Posts like my hugely popular one on ‘how to give cunnilingus like a superstar’. But just searching for fun sex ed stuff to explore together, there’s loads on tumblr and online. Most of all though, committing to be honest with each other and make sure both of you are enjoying sex together.

A very simple rule to ensure this is ‘You cum first’. Outside of exploring denial it’s really the simplest way to ensure a good sex life. Guys don’t really get that when you cum, it makes you MORE ready for penetrative sex, rather than just wanting to go to sleep. When they get that, and realise that they can make you cum with their hands, tongues, vibes etc FIRST and it means you’ll enjoy them fucking you even more, it’s a gamechanger.

Of course there is a third option, given you’ve written to the author of an orgasm denial blog to ask about this…

Make it worse.

Stop cumming, at all. Just edge, just denial, make yourself so horny that his attempts at making you cum become pure torture, the very best kind. Rub yourself in the shower, not to make it better, but to make it worse. Deeply, fucked up, masochistic denial. Don’t just burn inside, be a fucking firestarter. 

Choices, choices…

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do you have any advice on analingus?


Try it, it’s awesome!

For those who don’t know, analingus (often called ‘rimming’ or a ‘rimjob’ or even ‘tossing the salad’ (for obscure salad cream in prison related reasons)) is the licking of the arsehole for sexual stimulation. For obvious reasons it’s quite a taboo idea, but it really can be quite wonderful.

Here are my steps to successful analingus…


The first point is about hygiene, anything less than squeaky clean is not cool. If you have a scat fetish that’s another thing, but for most of us we want to enjoy it without any worries about the actual poo side of things. So if I’m going to receive it, or give it, that ass better be fresh out of the shower having been scrubbed, yes SCRUBBED clean. Get a soapy finger up there too and give it a good rinse with a shower jet for good measure.

I want to see it SPARKLE (My Little Pony pun right there)

Step 2: Get intimate, get horny

While there are exceptions (see below), on the whole we don’t go right into assdiving as our first move. Analingus is something a lot of people only want when they are insanely horny, as being in that state of mind helps them drop any reservations they have about it and just enjoy the pleasure and the intimacy. That means spend some quality time pleasuring each other in all the ways I’ve shown you before you think about getting into it.

Step 3: Tease your way to it

Analingus is a lot about the mindfuck – ‘Oh my god is he going to lick my… ohhhhhhhh!’ So don’t just jump right in, once she or he is super horny and ready for it, slowly work your way to it. Start with wandering fingers, around the asshole, not even on it yet, combine masturbating or sucking them with some finger tips exploring around their ass. Then move down but just kiss and lick around there, build the anticipation before your tongue starts flicking right on their chocolate starfish.

Here’s the thing about analingus, it feels good but not THAT good. It’s a lovely, sexual stimulation, but that’s not the real thrill of it. The main thrill is you’re licking someone’s asshole, it’s just so fuckingly ridiculously intimate. Your mouth, their asshole, and they can’t do much but lie there and experience it as you giving this to them.

The next day when you’re out shopping with them you’ll still be thinking about what you did and getting horny over it, and the secret smile in their eyes shows they’re thinking about it too.

Step 4: Build it up and make them cum WITH it (not FROM it)

After doing it a bit on it’s own you then want to combine it with other stimulation that will take it to another level and get them cumming (if they’re allowed…).

You can increase the intensity of what you do, and this is where you build from licking around and on their ass to tongue fucking it, pointing your tongue and pushing the very tip a little into them. It’s quite tiring on your tongue so don’t expect to do it for long.

Going back to hygiene this is why you want to have soaped up inside your bottom with a finger in the shower, but even if you do, if you tongue fuck their ass, you will taste, ass. It’s a unique taste, a bit earthy, not unpleasant, and if they’ve washed, hardly noticeable. But if you’re horny enough when you give it, you’ll like it.

Done on a guy this has the amazing slang name of ‘The Rusty Trombone’

(Go on, you can figure it out… and yes it feels fucking amazing!)

It’s very unlikely most people can cum from just analingus, although the mind is a wonderful thing. But you DO want to keep doing it until they cum because it starts to tie in that even greater pleasure to having their ass licked, and I find as you do that over time it almost trains someone to feel greater pleasure from it than it did originally. SO yes, if you’re exploring this then make sure you bring them all the way while you’re doing it the first few times (if they aren’t denied, in which case edge their fucking brains out while you tongue their ass).

After that they’ll have an easier time receiving it as you’ve tied those good feelings to it, and you can be less intense with it and just drop it into your sexy time on a more casual basis.

‘EAT MY ASS, BITCH’ – Asslicking in D/s

If you’re in a D/s relationship then analingus can have a whole extra depth to it, because being told, and made to go and lick your dom(me)s ass is a total mind fuck. If you’re down there, lapping at their asshole while your denied cunt just drips, unsatisfied, needy, well it’ll get you right into subspace, trust me. It very much ‘puts you in your place’ which we know, you love.


Analingus FAQs

Does it taste of shit?
No, not if as instructed it’s had a good clean. If you’re worried about this, or if you’re doing this with someone you’d use protection with anyway, then you can use a ‘dental dam’ (see below).

What if I want to fart?
Tell them! Real sex is full of moments like this, just warn them, move over, get it done and if you want to, go back to it; but honestly, I’m usually laughing too much the few times this has happened to do that, we’d go on to something else, but it’s not a problem.

What about sexual health issues?
As I said above, if you’re doing this with someone you’d use other sexual protection with then you can use a ‘dental dam’ for analingus which is basically a very thin stretchy rubber sheet you put over the top. It still feels pretty good but you have that little bit of separation. I have no idea where I’d go and buy one though (although your local STI clinic would definitely have them) so the alternative is cut the tip off a condom, so it’s a tube,and then cut it along the tube so it opens up into a rectangle, clever huh!

There’s a video of this on Facebook of all places

So there you go, happy asslicking my lovely followers, may you discover its joys for yourselves (and then tell us all about it!)


Actually this is worth reblogging after my recent post on it.

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Ladies I have another question for you….






















What’s one thing you wish guy did while he was going down ?

Actually suck on the clitoris instead of flicking it with his tongue like how a cat drinks water.

I have so much to learn thelifeofbunches

Go slow. Not everything has to be fast paced and crazy all the time

Hold my thighs. Like grip them, just firm enough…

Yasss that clit flicking shit is not the wave.

What about sucking on the clit ? thetennesseehoneyy

Fingering at the same time is always nice, but not in and out, find that gspot and massage it why you lick and suck the clit. I will die.

Touch/grab my thighs, my ass, slowly touch down my spine, everywhere, somewhere. Tease me good before you go down & while you’re down there.

Deadass with the thigh thing
Kiss those inner thighs too
Pretend you’re passionately kissing the kitty
Not a cat drinking water
Also don’t even do it if you
a)don’t like doing it
b)you’re going to do it for 2 seconds

I couldn’t hit reblog fast enough.

Don’t be to shy to open it up and really get the clit. Like if dudes really spread the lips and focused on the clit I would lose my mind

slow down on the flickering thing, that rapid shit isnt pleasurable, slowly running your tongue back n forth tho? Yes. 

thigh kissing is nice, ass grabbing, thigh gripping, a little passionate teasing takes you far and honestly gets her wetter by the minute 

slow down, take your time at first, dont just dive in, enjoy your meal

that rapid flicking thing doesnt do much for me (i cant speak for every girl) but slow runs across the clit are lovely, just focus on the clit, let your fingers do some work if you get tired or something 

I dont know about every girl but that mimic-my-dick-with-my-tongue technique doesnt do shit 

Notice how they’ve all basically said the same thing? I hope you men pay attention.
Every woman is different but here are the basics to pleasing us.

1. Stop the fucking flicking shit.

2. Focus on the CLIT. Suck it, circle it. Engulf it. If she moans, keep doing that.

3. But pls, do visit thighland. Inner thigh licking and kissing will set us on fire.

4. What is this fingering shit? Massage the gspot or get out. We feel nothing with that little stabbing motion. Also, stop sticking your 2 inches of tongue in there. Come back up to the clit.

5. LONG stokes with the tongue.

6. Stop humming. Most of us use vibrators so that little humming trick you learned from GQ will pale in comparison.

7. Speaking of vibes, the reason you’re in our bed is because you can do 1 thing our wands and rabbits can’t do. And that’s grab us. Grab us, squeeze us, we want to feel your hands on our body.

8. If you can reach, grab a titty.

9. Some women are self conscious about how they look/taste/smell down there. Or worry about taking too long to orgasm, so let her know you’re enjoying it. Moan, groan, sound like you’re eating a plate of ribs

10. Do it til we cum or GTFO!

Oh damn 😳😳💕💕

Why aren’t things compiled and published like this more often??

And more importantly, why aren’t we being told this stuff while down there? Esp those of us who love doing it and doing it right….. feedback, ladies, when we’re there. Please?


I don’t often post shit like this but all of this is important. Guys, you want the goods? Learn to earn it. And please enjoy yourself. If you do it right you’ll enjoy the sheer fact that SHE’S enjoying it.

Taking notes for when I feel like putting some natural facial hair growth serum on my face.

Reblogging for awareness…

Worth another reblog, nothing edges a woman better than a well educated mouth. Nothing.

Here’s my take on how to give cunnilingus like a superstar


Sir, I’ve been interested in anal play for a while, but idk how to go about it. I know I’ll need lots of lube, but that’s about it. What should I start with? How can I keep my asshole clean if I eventually fuck my partner? How can I work my way up without having to angle my arm/hand in weird and eventually tiring and cramping positions? Basically Anal Play 101, is what I’m looking for. Please, Sir, is really like to know and the internet has too many options that can get confusing. Love, Ivy

These are excellent questions!

Lots of lube is a good tip but even before that, the starting point is being relaxed and aroused. So if you’re exploring early on, starting it in a bath after a good long edge is perfect. The other benefit of exploring in the bath is you aren’t worried about cleanliness so much.

In terms of what you should start with, not a dildo, not even a butt plug, but just your finger! Make sure you have short nails and just try gently playing around your bottom as you play with your clit with your other hand. I often get girls to copy, front and back, as a fun little game. Masturbating your asshole, hot.

The majority of pleasure nerve endings back there are around the entrance, and just inside so enjoy that. Then as you feel ready, just push the tip of your finger in and out a little, get used to it. It won’t tend to feel amazing, just okay, it’s the thrill of being so naughty that’s a bit part of it. As you relax with that you can start to enjoy how it feels more.

Don’t go too deep, just the first part of your finger, get used to how it feels, get relaxed about it. Then you’re ready to use a toy. A small dildo or butt plug, or even a very smooth handle of a hairbrush will do nicely (that’s what I started with, when I was a young teen). 

The golden rule with any anal play is whatever you stick up there has to have a wide base that cannot let it be sucked up inside. Your bottom will eat things, don’t even try it, it’s a hungry little fucker. The ONLY thing safe to put up there without a flange is a smooth, melting icecube, because it melts (that’s how they cool dogs down who have overheated!). But ice play is Anal Play 102.

So, it’s definitely worth getting a butt plug because they’re designed to fit nicely there. See my toys recommendation page for the ones we use.


Plugs, once you get used to them, are great for keeping you secretly very aware of being a naughty little slut. Just build up the amount of time slowly.

And don’t think you’re being clever getting a thin one to start, they are TOO thin and you just feel like they are slipping out all the time, which is awful. A bit wider, with a think ‘neck’ is what you need.

In terms of keeping clean, which is obviously a big issue for many of us thinking about anal play, you need to be aware that poo isn’t actually right at the entrance of your butt. It stays higher up in your colon until you actually push. So the first part of your bottom, the rectum, where toys and fingers and penises go, is mostly empty most of the time. So the major tip is go to the loo a few hours before you plan to play and you can be sure there’s nothing much up there.

Then you need to go from ‘almost’ empty to properly washed out, and the best way to do that is in the shower, stick a soapy finger up your bottom and give it a good rinse with the water. Give the outside a good soap and scrub too, and that will do you for most cases.

For extra security you can ‘douche’ it, which is spray a bit of water up there (best done in the shower or you can do it on the toilet) and that rinses out that bit further.

The full washout is called an ‘enema’ where you put up to 1 litre of water up there, but this actually washes the poo down from  your colon, so you need to do it a few times to get clean.

If I’m planning on getting it up the arse then I do an in between option of pushing the power shower head against my bottom and letting the water go up and bit, and then sitting on the loo, rinse and repeat, finish off with a soapy wash.

But be careful with that as you only want a small amount of water up there. Also, enemas aren’t great for the natural balance of good bacteria in your colon so don’t do it too often.

Having said all that, sometimes the risk is that there’s still a bit of poop involved in anal sex. That’s life. So a condom is always a good plan (beyond the need for it for safe sex) as if that happens, you can just pull it off backwards and bin it.

In terms of fingering and fisting your bottom, you can try it from the front, side or back and see which is least uncomfortable, but unless you’re very flexible they’re all a bit tricky. A toy is best.

Also, be careful about wide things up your butt. Making your ass gape is all very porny but it’s not like your vagina, which is designed to stretch, you can do serious damage if you stretch it too much.

Can I also add, if you’re thinking of letting him fuck your arse, make sure you get him to lick it too because analingus feels AMAZING. Remember how I said most of the nerves are there on the outside, yep, that’s why it feels so good. Just trust me, try it.

Lovehoney have a good guide on some of the toy practicalities 

I hope that covers what you wanted to know! Have fun!


Hi, James! My boyfriend has a hard time getting me off and it bums both him and me out. I was wondering if you could recommend an optimal way to get myself in the perfect, sensitive state to make his job easier. Thanks!! – Emi P.S. I could (and have) spend hours on this blog. I love reading and following some of your instructions and edging to your stories. Thanks for doin ya thing

Hi Em! There’s a lot of reasons it can be hard to cum, but let me give you a few ideas and hopefully some will help.

Firstly, so much of it is about you being in the right state of mind. Is something stressing you, are you worried about things? That’s going to make it hard. Two things you can do about that, firstly is talk about them, to him or others, I know, not the sexy advice you had in mind, right? But really, getting them off your chest really helps. Second thing is sexier though, try relaxing first, massage each other, or have a nice hot touchey shower, or just you having a relaxing bath first. Get your head in the game and cumming with him will be much easier (it’s pretty much essential if you want to explore G-spot orgasms at first btw, just an FYI for everyone).

Secondly, yes edging can help, a lot. But it sounds like you’re doing that already? Don’t over do it, we don’t want your clit sore and worn out, but edging a few times during the day and even the day before without cumming before you get together is definitely a good plan.

Third, let’s work on his technique. Only 30% of women can cum just from penetration, that’s just how it works, so if you’re both expecting you to cum from just that then you’re against the odds already (I know you probably know this but just covering the basics). So we need him to be spending time touching and licking you. A classic set up is the two of you making out, getting more and more intimate with him touching you gently at first, teasing you, sucking your nipples as he plays with your clit, a little fingering inside you, back to rubbing your clit. Basically him starting to edge you the way you do yourself, just with all the extras that comes from having another person do it!

And here’s the first big trick – TELL HIM WHAT FEELS GOOD. Spend a few times doing this where you agree you’ll give more feedback so he really nails what gets you off. Just a little bit of sexy, ‘Oh that is so good’ but ALSO ‘No, not that way, let me show you’ etc. Literally show him till he nails it. (Also great to do this in reverse sometime with you going down on him, just sayin’).

So help him get even better at playing with you with his hands, spend time on that, and then, down he goes, and for that he can find ALL he needs to know on my Become a Cunnilingus Superstar post (but again take the same attitude of telling him what’s best for you, we all vary, when he does it).

Then the basic rule of (non-denial) love making..SHE CUMS FIRST. You take her all the way there with hands and your mouth before you start fucking, it makes it all the better for both of you.

What? Am I really saying this, Mr Denial Guru? Yep! Life is not all about denial, just this blog is.

Now the other tip is if you’re still struggling, and just to make life easier, is add in a vibe. A good bullet vibe like the ones I recommend here will do nicely. Don’t use it all the time, but when you’re pressed for time or struggling to get her off it’s definitely hugely helpful. Again, make her cum with it, then go down on her to give her another one (it’s much easier for most (not all) women to cum again once they’ve cum once). Just give her a bit of time to stop being super sensitive, a minute or two that’s all, and no longer than three or four or she starts to come down from the ‘orgasmic plateau’ (it’s a thing, google it) and it’ll be harder to make her cum again.

See how that works for you both, and do let us know what works!


Hey, just wanted to send an update And a thank you for the response to my message about my bf not cuming and ways to help it happen. So it happened! Apparently im quite tight and i needed to relax more to loosen up a bit and make it more enjoyable for him. Oddly simple in the end.

You are so welcome, I’m very glad my advice helped! Congratulations!

And thanks so much for the follow up, it is rare, and so appreciated!