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how do you “ruin an orgasm”? I’ve always loved edging in theory, and the couple of times I’ve done it have been amazing, but I just don’t have the willpower to stop some (most) of the time :( help me?

Do you see that post, made earlier today, that explains all about it, and gives you a link to everything you could every possibly want to know about ruined orgasms. Did you see that, is that why you’re asking? Okay, just checking.

Maybe read it again.

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Heya! I’m not really into female orgasm denial (for a few different reasons) but I really like your blog. It’s very… uplifting. And actually kind of sweet. A+ content my man. I enjoy edging, but not quite on your scale.

Thanks, my man!

Sweet and uplifitng. Just like a cute bra…

Actually that inspires me! Entirely randomly, whoever sends me the cutest bra submission in the next 24 hours wins an orgasm! (I know, big prizes!). I might even give runner up ruins!

Standard rules apply. You have to have edged before you take it, you are not allowed to cum until the winner is announced. (I’ll keep all submissions anonymous unless you say otherwise – if you want more anonymity, just log out before you submit (you’ll know your own boobs (I hope).