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Hi James! I’m back at it again. I just started a fitness challenge with my family and I wanted to add some extra motivation to it. It is 12 weeks long and I don’t think I could manage that so I was thinking about edging all day and not being allowed to cum untill I completed all my tasks for the day and obviously if I don’t complete the tasks then I don’t cum. What do you think? -Scarlet

Hiya Scarlet, good to hear from you again.

Using edging and orgasms as motivation to get fit is a brilliant way to really see the self control it can produce.

I think going from 12 weeks to just one day is a bit drastic though honey. I definitely agree, carving it into smaller chunks is a good idea but how about this.

You edge in the morning as usual, but aren’t allowed to touch until you’ve done your tasks for the day.

If you manage to do your tasks 6 out of 7 days (or however it works) then you are allowed to cum as much as you want on your ‘rest day’.

If you hit a lower target, you get a ruin, just one. If you don’t achieve that, you are on no touch.

It’s all a bit of trial and error so see what works for you but that’s a good starting point in my experience. Building up to a more distant future reward is better at developing self control, and the daily edges are a reinforcement of that.

Give that a go, let me know how it goes and we can adapt from there!

Hi James! I discovered a new fantasy recently. I have a really soft (firmness and texture) dildo that I got a few days ago just before I went back on denial after a break. Anyway, before denial I was fine with it but not in love. Now that I’m in denial though I LOVE it. It makes me fantasize about only being able to edge when I’m being penetrated but the men using me aren’t hard/long enough for my satisfaction so I’m constantly on edge and horney due to their inability to satisfy me. -Scarlet

Oh Scarlet you have such great fantasies…

I can imagine a brothel where the madam insists she checks each of the clients, and when they are small and soft and disappointing, ‘You’re one for Scarlet, she’s our specialist’.

And one by one they come into your room. You have to get on your knees and suck most of them to even get them to a semi.

And then the desperate humping begins. You have to fake it, as their stubby little dicks stab at you rather than fuck you, barely able to get past your pussy lips, and even if they do, they aren’t long or hard enough to go any deeper.  

It’s like getting fucked with a marshmallow.

So they thrust like a fat energiser bunnies, totally ignoring you because they are so desperate to even cum in a woman. 

I say ‘in’ but really it’s never more than just squirting over your cunt as they try to keep fucking but struggle to stay inside. 

A few of them after they’ve emptied their balls, a little harder from cumming and lubed with their goo just about manage to slip in a tiny bit deeper. But they shrink so fast that you might feel a single thrust before they’re done and expecting you to lick the mess they made off their shrunken baby dick.

But you know what’s worse. A rare few surprise you as they near climax, and get harder and longer than you imagined those soft little dicks could get. And before you can even stop yourself you roll over and say, ‘Would you like to finish in my ass?’

What a good girl.

Send me your fantasies and see how I fuck with them…