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Oh, and the question! I forgot! Do you have any tips for me to get back on track again as a denial slut James? Saylan

Too late I answered already!

The advice is don’t worry about it. Have fun with it feeling great. You’ll start to feel the longing begin, because, as we all know, cumming IS good, it’s simply that not cumming is better. The way it makes you feel, the denial high, the constant ache. 

Once a denial slut, always a denial slut. it’s always there, ready to take you back as soon as you’ve got bored of just plain old pleasure…

Hi James! I just wanted to share with all the edging lady’s out here that I just had -the- best orgasm ever! After dabbling with denial myself I am now denying my partner! And he just found a special new spot in me whilst fingering which made me cum so hard I can still feel it! He used to suck at fingering but he’s getting so much better! I’m scared I won’t want to get back into denial myself! Love, Saylan

Woo hoo! Good work Saylan, and your partner’s magic fingers.

Denial or not, the most important thing with sex is keep trying new things. Some aren’t going to work for you, but some are going to blow your mind. 

Your body is capable of so much more than you realise, and part of why I love denial is it’s often the gateway to help you discover that.

I have lost count of the number of women who have told me ‘Oh my god if only I’d tried this years ago!’ Whether it’s denial, anal, g-spot orgasms or just fun little kinky things that just work for them.

Keep exploring, keep experimenting, 

Good girls.


PS Saylan, once a denial slut, always a denial slut – so don’t worry about it – trust me.