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Do you accept submissions from guys as well or just girls?

No I have special software installed that peeks inside your pants and figures out which submissions to reject… Of course I do. All are welcome here.

However if by ‘submission’ you mean ‘bad photo of my junk’ then beware the magic banhammer (yes it even works on anons, that’s why it’s magic).

Until it becomes socially acceptable to greet someone you don’t know by pushing their face in your groin I don’t think dick or pussy pics are an acceptable introduction. Obviously we all wait in hope for that day to come.

If however you mean a well written submission about your experience of denial, then sure, happy to hear from everyone. 

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This isn’t an ask, but I just had to stop by and show my undying appreciation for your beautifully crafted sarcasm. Immaculate delivery, regardless of the subject matter. Can’t wait to see more additions to your sarcasm tag, it’s an absolute gem. 👌

Look I even found a sarcastic bow!

Try my humour tag for some sarcastic comment too

I’m never around when you start challenges and I always end up behind :/

I’m sorry. Next time send me your schedule and we’ll try to accommodate you.

Hello sir, I have just discovered your blog. May I call you Master?

Oh yes Anon, please do! After out long and exciting time together it is time for us to enter into that most intimate and trusting of relationships. Are you ready to take your vows?

I genuinely love it when complete strangers who don’t even give me their name want to assume that I’m the slightest bit interested in them being not only my sub but my slave. It’s such a power trip.

What is cals curse? You can pm me the answer.

See those words with hashtags below these words. That is a tag. I spend a lot of time tagging my posts so that if I talk about something you can find all the posts related to that and it avoids you having to ask questions like this.

Go on, click it, I dare you, it’s like magic!

If that doesn’t work for you, there’s this thing built into my site called ‘search’. It’s amazing, it actually looks through my whole blog and finds all the posts with the words you search for!

And, wait for it, there’s this whole other technology called Google. And when you don’t know something it searches the WHOLE INTERNET for it.

For some strange reason, Google seems to love me. Thanks Google, I love you too.