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Hey.. looking for someone I used to follow on here. All their captions were about a group of sexy superheroes fighting super villains. Lost my old tumblr so have no idea what their username was, and their stuff used to have me dripping like crazy

Hmm, couldn’t tell you but let’s see if someone can!

Over to you, tumblrites…

Oh and I’ll just leave this here


james is a literal edgelord

Edgelord and the Masters of the Denialverse

I am James, Prince of Fod, Defender of the secrets of Castle Nocum.

This is Leaker, my fearless and frustrated friend.

Fabulous secrets powers were revealed to me the day my followers edged in their thousands and I held aloft my magic sword and said, ‘By the power of Nocum, I have the power!’

Leaker became the mighty SuperPussy… 

…and I became Edgelord, the most powerful man in the universe.

Only three others share this secret, our friends Diva, Woman-at-Arms and Snowflake. 

Oh the trouble we get into…

Together we defend Castle Nocum from the evil forces of Orgasmatron and his depraved miniature unicorn, Fifi (I think she’s the brains of the operation).

Together, we can stop them, can’t we?! 

Edge for me my followers, I need your denial power to overcum the powers of evil!


That cartoon you reblogged is from Totally Spies. Excuse me while my childhood burns indefinitely.

You’re welcome. I hadn’t considered it was from a show, Totally Spies is not on my radar!

My fire needs more fuel. Got more Rule 34 images you want captioned, send them to me!