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Hi James, just wanted to ask if you had another edging therapist post planned? Love the couples posts. About to have my guy join this journey. Tonight he is wearing the love bracelets, (our handcuffs) and going into chastity :) XO Alex

Oh I’d forgotten about that, that was hot wasn’t it!


Thank you for the reminder, I shall add it to my list!

On a week of punishment denial… tonight is the night I will be allowed to cum. Curious, how would you suggest I ask to cum? Anal only, penetration or no hands…. Or anything else you can think of I’m missing?

I assume you’re trying to make it deliberately hard from your choices, @joyflake Well humping can be very tricky unless you’ve mastered cumming from it. So that’s an option too, or included in ‘no hands’ although that could be toy based.

I’d go for anal only, seems to be a theme today!


I’ve denied myself for two weeks, mostly because I have two roommates. I’ve edged myself by just watching or reading some good things almost every day. And now they both are suppose to be away this weekend so I’ve been edging myself today by touching. And it’s just getting so hard to wait until tomorrow for a release. Any suggestions?

Spend as long as you can tomorrow edging. Read this and other similar blogs, do it naked, if you’re kinky, do it in their beds too. Dress up, slut out, really go for it. You’re not allowed to cum until you’ve edged ten different ways, and musn’t cum before 8pm tomorrow.

Oh and if you want the hard version…

Wait until Sunday evening, say 7pm. You better hope none of them come back before and keep you denied instead…

Let us know how you get on.


Ahoi. How About more exhibitionism?? I really go above and beyond for your exhibitionism posts.. Would be really nice and amaaazing

Your wish is my command. Keep watching…

I also love if you find an image and want me to caption it, so do feel free to submit those to me, even if you just copy and paste the image URL into an ask so you can be anonymous

hello james, i’ve been a long time follower of this blog and love your content, and i’m wondering if you could perhaps post some predicament bondage or machine/automated denial? i’ve done quite a bit of searching for things to submit but there is nothing that i’ve found which you haven’t already posted. cheers! (and don’t worry if you can’t)

Oh damn I LOVE predicament bondage! Good call.

There’s a couple I’ve written which are fun but yes, it’ll all depend on finding a good image to inspire me, I’ll see what I can find.



I would love to have you in control of my orgasm… how do I sign up to play? c:

I’m sure you would. Perhaps not sending me boring, mildly entitled, anonymous messages would be a good start.

I’m a real person you know, not just an object for your lust filled edges. You make me feel so used.

I love it.

But really, say hello in a message, be a real person, be interesting. Anything you say is totally confidential, so take a risk, show me how much you want to be denied…

Hi James :) My boyfriend and I are going to spoil a sugar baby (there’s more info on that on Tumblr if you haven’t heard of it) I was wondering if you could make a caption or story for me involving that with denial :) Please?

‘I’m going to eat you up,’ said the Sugar Daddy to the Sugar Babies.

‘No you aren’t you stinky old candy, and  you don’t even have a mouth so there!’ they replied.

‘Well damn, come over here and just suck on me then.’

‘That we can do,’ the babies replied, ‘but buy us a car first.’

How’s that?

Hello. I’m new at this denial thing. I’ve edged 3 times a day for the last three days. I was planning on stopping after 3 days, but I really love being on denial. How much longer should I deny myself please? Thank you for your awesome blog Sir.

Good girl, you’re doing wonderfully! Make it four times a day for the next four days, you can cum once you’ve done a full week. If you go over though, it all starts again, ruin that orgasm and start back on day one.