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I’m horny at work, so let’s play a little game:

The number of notes on this post by 6pm EST = number of times I have to edge before I’m allowed to orgasm again.

This might be the dumbest idea I’ve ever had. 1 hour left. 🙃

The next few weeks are going to suck in the best way. 

There’s a countdown in my bio, and I’ll be updating along the way. I apologize in advanced to anyone who hangs out with me in the next couple weeks… I’m going to be in a weird horny/desperate/slutty state of mind. 

I finished all 150. This bitch is orgasming tonight.

This has been a wonderful, beautiful, happy update.

Somehow I’ve missed the fabulous @misssmeat blog until now. What a wonderful example of enjoying edging and denial and just having loads of fun with it.

A highly recommended follow!

What do you Say?


It had been been more than two weeks, but He promised her that she would cum today.

spent a long time edging her. It felt like hours. He knew her noises
and her movements so well now – knew exactly when to pull the vibrator
off of her soaking wet cunt, when her whimpering and quivering got
frantic. Then, finally He said it.

It’s time.

“Oh, thank you, Sir,” she said around the rope gag, tight in her mouth.

held the magic wand a centimeter from her cunt. She resisted an almost
overwhelming urge to thrust forward and grind her cunt against it.

You tell me the instant you go over.

“Yes, Sir!”

took no time at all. She practically screamed that she was cumming the
moment she felt herself pass the point of no returning.

Then the
vibrator was gone. Off. She looked up at Him as her body shook, but He
just looked down on her, interested but otherwise unreadable. Her empty
cunt clenched and quivered as she moved and thrust, trying to feel
something. It was awful. Cumming and not cumming. There was very little
pleasure in it.

He watched her silently until her twitching and
spasming was nearly done. He leaned down and kissed her softly on the
lips, then said in a low voice, What do you say?

She wanted to tell Him that she hated it, that it was awful and unfulfilling, but of course, He knew all of that.

“Thank you for ruining my orgasm, Sir.”

@goodroughguy has a new ‘text only’ blog going on which I don’t think many of you have picked up on. Nice idea for SFW (ish) reading… where no one’s going to look over your shoulder and say ‘oh you’re into that too are you?’


Get stuck in because the posts are great and deserve WAY more attention.

And if you haven’t seen his edging focused one with pictures it’s @edgingcunts


On the first day of denial my true love gave to me…

After being a long time reader (okay let’s face it addict) of @female-orgasm-denial I finally asked my husband not to let me come. Just for 1 night. I was so desperate to submit to him & have him deny me I knelt in front of him and had him cum all over my face…

I thought it would be ‘easy’ given how much I have wanted to try it & the fact that it was only for 24 hours. I couldn’t have been more wrong. I was so horny and dripping all day. I touched myself constantly, with my hands, with our toy, imagining all the ways he would make me come & all the things he would tell me do before he let me.

We wound up at a friend’s place for dinner & on the drive home he asked me what I had been up to today. I told him I had played with myself, but never cum & he said “you’ve been so good for me, haven’t you” as he put my hand on his cock. He told me to show him what I’d been doing and lifted my dress up. I slipped my panties off and began fingering myself and stroking him through his jeans, eventually pulling him out and sucking him as we pulled into the driveway.

Desperately, I got out of the car, and almost ran to our bedroom, pulling off my dress & revealing my ‘naughty’ bra (the lace cups are slit for easy access to my nipples) he moaned as he pushed me onto the bed slipping his fingers into me “fuck, you’re so wet”.

He edged me as he fucked my mouth, he pinched my nipples, used our vibrator on my swollen clit & fucked me. Hard. Eventually he said “cum for me” and I did, faster than I ever have. He pulled out of me and let me suck his cock again as he kept rubbing my clit. He let me cum twice more before he fucked me again and came as well.

It was some of the best sex we’ve ever had & I’m aching and wet just thinking about it. I can’t wait for him to deny me over & over again & fullfill his every desire with my body.

Thanks for reading 😉

Love, D4D

Wonderful new denial journal blog that I’ve just discovered (sorry I hadn’t before @dripping4denial !).
Some wonderful posts already, highly recommended!

(If YOU run a blog like this that I’m not aware of please do let me know, I love to support other denial blogs and I’m sure I’ve just missed yours in the melee that is Tumblr).

Sir, do you know any other blogs on which you can learn something about orgasm denial? I love your blog and denial, and I want to follow more blogs about it 😊

@femsubdenial is a great blog, lots of good advice there.

@say-no-to-the-o is great for tasks and has a very unique approach to it all.

@denialarchive collects real life accounts people have shared, and so is a good link to other blogs too

@thelovelybrokenwhore is absolutely fab

@wickedlittlebtch is great too

Let’s see what else people recommend below/

Your turn my little denial sluts…

post image

Do you happen to know any blogs similar to yours, but more lesbian-centric? Don’t get me wrong, I love your blog, guy’s just don’t do anything for me

Well guys don’t do anything for me either so we have that in common.

I don’t know of any actually, but I often think what a great lesbian I’d be, so give me some tips on how I can improve the blog for you. (The upcoming survey will be a great way to giev feedback)


I’m sure followers can suggest some other blogs in the notes though.

I’m looking for a blog of a guy who posts pictures of his locked dick… Do you know of any? I used to follow it but I can’t remember the url

There’s hundreds… but my favourite cock cage and male chastity blog is keephimcaged.tumblr.com

Good morning Sir… I’m playing with the Wheel of Denial and keep ending on the “watch porn” task… And I’m wondering… What porn is good for a denial slut? Thank you for your attention Sir.

That’s a good question!

There’s not a lot of female denial orgasm specific porn, almost always the women are made to cum in the end – which is why gifs work well as you’re only getting a snapshot of a scene and you can imagine however you want it to go.

I guess it’s really whatever takes your fancy. Try not to get stuck in a rut, explore the different categories on a site like pornhub or spankwire. The stuff from kink.com is often good, some of the ‘Training of O’ series are very hot.

I honestly don’t watch that much porn, I think it’s better to be creative, which is why I love the variety you can find on Tumblr that you can then add your own twists to.

Try some art and illustrated erotica too, just yesterday I posted from this fabulous blog: http://slippystuff.tumblr.com/ and the artist also has a blog of other erotica they rate highly: https://slippysmut.tumblr.com/. Just pick one you really like, and make up your own story for what’s going on – don’t just rely on lazy porn producers to do it all for you. Use your mind and creativity when enjoying porn and it will make you a better and sexier lover.