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I have a new rule – I am not allowed to just throw smut I like into drafts and come up with a caption later, because then this is what happens. Now if I see something I like, I have to write the caption right then and add it directly to the queue, or release it back into the wild for someone else to caption.

This was taken after a productive caption-writing weekend, too. It was well over 2000 before that.

I’ll have too much smut in my drafts FOREVER.

Yeah I feel your pain.
The real annoyance is it begins to lag so much after you get a few hundred into your drafts, so the ones from ages ago (which are sometimes half written ask responses etc) are virtually inaccessible.
Mine’s only on 1,854 though. So you make me feel better 😉 (Until I see my inbox!)

Post sex need drop


We fucked, it was great, he came, I didn’t.

So why the hell am I not horny anymore? Like, at all.

I’m sure it’ll be back with a vengeance tomorrow, but it feels so weird right now.

Ok, back to the regularly scheduled barrage of smut.

Perhaps you’re becoming an orgasm succubus, him cumming is enough, to satisfy you, just enough, vicariously sharing his pleasure.
You may never need to cum again.
You may never be able to…