Blog Post, Female Orgasm Denial

You mentioned that at the Denial academy, pupils have to shave their pubes completely. But if there’s students who like being hairy, are they allowed to keep legs or arms unshaved? Maybe if they do something in exchange, I mean, look at the staff, they look like they’d need someone who serves them at dinner time! Love, a fan of the academy

No I’m afraid not, for ordinary students being shaved is part of the uniform and […]

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Hi James! I need some of your amazing advice. I have been seeing this guy & when he gets back from his trip next week we’re *finally* going to have sex. He’s kept me waiting because I’m a virgin & he doesn’t want to pressure me blah blah whatever if only he knew what I was into (& he will eventually!) Anyway, Im kinda distraught about one detail-What do I do with my pubes? Should I get rid of them? I’m already trimmed & like neat but do I need to be bare?! I need a guys perspective! Help please!

Well congratulations, how exciting! I hope my earlier answer is some useful inspiration for the […]