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I’m relatively new to orgasm denial and this time I’m not even allowed to touch. It’s messing with my mind in really awesome ways, and I’ve learned that being taunted with my denial makes it even sweeter. I don’t know how unusual this is, but this Denial Slut loves to hear from Denial Bitches……..

It’s wonderful isn’t it.

Now be a good Denial Slut and edge your brains out to this:


Don’t you dare cum, it’s not even an option, is that clear?

Good girl.

Denial bitches, cum all you want!

Hi James! I absolutelly love your blog it always hets me so wet and horny! I love the idea of denial, but im also curious as to what an orgasm feels like since i’ve never been able to have one. Any suggestions on what i should do?

Read all about it

Then you can watch others doing it

But you, just keep on edging. It’s enough to experience their orgasms vicariously, right? It’s much better that way.

Good girl.