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Who’s the girl in the mirror, 

is it me or someone else?

Bra off, hair down, carefree.

I can feel she loves herself.

It can’t be me, can it? 

She seems so far away.

Little baby steps he told me, 

but each one seems so big.

I look again.

It’s hidden by her hair, the link between us.

I reach up, touch what he’s had me wear.

I know the journey’s begun.

James – edging.space

Hello Sir, I discovered your blog about a week ago and wow, it’s been so insightful. Thank you so much for taking the time to make this blog. I would like to ask for some help. I enjoy touching myself and I enjoy edging however, I’m so quick to reach the edge. I want to continue touching without going over. It’s so hard to continue on with my day when I only edged for a minute or two. How can I work on increasing the time it takes me to reach the edge?

Take a less direct route! You’re getting down to business too fast. Stop going straight to your clit and start by playing with your breasts, just teasing your clit, making yourself want it so much before you even let yourself touch. Then just do it through your panties at first, before you finally slide your hand inside them.

And then alternate, between pussy and clit, your other hand still working on your nipples, building all the time, keeping your breathing steady to control your ascent.

And then, when you reach the edge, practise ‘riding’ it, staying on the edge without going over.

It’ll be worth it.

Your blog is amazing. Everything, from the captions to the answered asks, I just love it. And while I am just really bad at denial (and self control in general, like I stopped buying big ice cream tubs for a reason) your blog makes me want to try so bad. Because your “voice” in writing is just amazing, you wrote a Shakespeare-ish thing about edging, how could I not love it?

Thank you so much. I’ve written some more original denial poetry in the past, I might share it at some point!