Blog Post, Female Orgasm Denial

Dear James, Question for your followers: does anyone else who’s been doing denial for a while, especially long term denial, get the urge to be meaner to themselves the closer they get to their period? Harder edges, more complex tasks, limiting time allowed to use favorite toys; taunting yourself that you deserve to be even more desperate, aching for even the smallest taste of pleasure let alone an orgasm. Or is my inner Dom just a sadist?

As someone with the sticky outie type of genitalia I am also eager to know […]

Blog Post, Female Orgasm Denial

Hello James! I had asked you a question quite some time ago, about chub rub. And I wanted to thank you for the advice. I bought myself some bandelettes and tried out wearing stockings and both work wonderfully! Reluctant about the tampon though, because of TSS reasons. I’m sorry for the late report, I opened the ask page multiple times before but always closed it again without sending anything. I want to give a report on my denial journey some day, but perhaps it’ll take me another 3 months…

How lovely to hear from you, you don’t know how much I appreciate it! This […]

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I haven’t been on denial for long and I was wondering if there were any other way to edge when I’m on my period that doesn’t require much clean up (besides the shower)? Not that I’m averse to cleaning, just that I react badly to the detergents needed to wash off the blood from towels. I wouldn’t want my mother to wonder why there’s blood in a specific place with a specific pattern on the towel O/ / / /O

I love down to earth, practical questions like this, thank you! Now, while I don’t […]