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I haven’t been allowed to cum in 21 days. Do you have any idea how hard my nipples are, how badly my pussy aches for it. I love the way I feel but crave the relief at the same time. Please oh, please let me cum!

Hmm, that’s not a bad pleading effort…

Okay followers, first three reblogs decide – yay or nay. 

Permission is only granted with a unanimous agreement…

Hi James! It’s been 3 weeks since I had my last orgasm and a month and a have since I’ve had a full orgasm. (My last one was an accidental ruin…) I edge 5 times a day either to your blog or other denial porn. Is there anything I can do to earn a full orgasm or do you have any tasks I can do that might eventually earn me one? -Tay

Hi Tay,

Hmm, you sound like you enjoy a challenge… ten ruins, in one hour. Manage that and then 24 hours of strict no touch at all (not at ALL) and you can cum.

Fail and it’s a month till you can ask again.