Blog Post, Female Orgasm Denial

What’s the mildest or most gentle cream or balm you can suggest for rubbing on my wife’s clit? She’s not into pain at all, but is usually willing to try stuff, and I want something that will have her thinking of / aware of her clit, especially if we use it before going out in public. I’ll probably have yo try it on myself first, so be gentle. :) Love the blog.

Any of the orgasm balms from somewhere like Lovehoney or your own preferred toy store […]

Blog Post

Hi James, pastey here (thank you for the nickname!) I thought I’d bring you another update! So yesterday I was on my fifth edge when I accidentally went over and didn’t manage to ruin it! So as punishment last night i put toothpaste on my clit and then put myself on no-touch. So I woke up at like 3 this morning with my hands in my pants about to cum, I did manage to ruin it! Can you give a new challenge? I don’t have a Dom and would love someone to control what I do!

Hi Pastey! Lovely to hear from you again! So, I think it’s time for an […]