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It burns

So got my tiger balm today through the post and was so excited to use it.

I started and put a little bit on my nipples but was quite disappointed to find it didn’t really do anything. I started to think oh what’s all the hype about?

So I just decided to put quite a large amount on my clit… and omg it works, it burns so bad.

I’m sat here writing this squirming in my seat, my clit on FIRE and my pussy absolutely soaking.

It’s safe to say… I love it

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With the comment about balm I wanted to share one of my favourites. You need a small jar (like an empty spice jar) and fill it with lube up to three quarters full. Put in a couple of drops of tobasco sauce- literally only a couple!- the stuff which is just chillis and vinegar. Shake it up and test it- two drops is pretty mild. Then add more as you need to. I have about twenty drops in a tiny jar of lube and I love it, and you choose how strong to make it! (I might add more now actually…)

Oh that really is a homebrew! 

Some will find chilli more likely to react to I think so before you make a whole pot full try a premix, but if that all goes well this is a nice idea. I prefer menthol to chilli myself, but the point where they both reach is capsaicin cream which is the essence of what makes chillis hot, but also has the cooling sensation of menthol, before it sets your body on fire. 

Now rub it on your clit, Rach

It’s crazy strong, and will fuck you up. Use well diluted, or regret it.

Have fun!


Hi! I just tried the lovehoney bliss balm and I’ll be honest, I was a little disappointed. After hearing all the gals on your blog talking about tiger balm and toothpaste, I thought “that sounds fun, but maybe I should ease my way in”. Well the bliss balm just didn’t do much for me. Is there anything you could suggest that would be a step between an orgasm balm and something like tiger balm? Thanks!

It’s a nice product but yes, it’s very mild.

A better option for you would be either tiger balm or something more cream like, Deep Heat here in the UK is good, and to MIX it with lotion, in varying proportions.

Start with something like 8:1 lotion to menthol, try that on you, and if you want more you can up the ratio until you find what works for you. Move down to a quarter, even a half, and then you might find you want it barely diluted at all, but go slowly and have fun with it.

James, yesterday my boyfriend put tiger balm on my clit and bottom “on accident” after rubbing it into my sore back. I think it led to definitely the hottest sex we had ever had, and NEITHER of us came!!!

‘Accident’ huh, I like his style.

When you say hottest sex… did he get some on him too, how literal are we being here?

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fuck, i just had the greatest bathroom edging session. i found myself home alone for a few hours in my new house and i figured i should try out the detachable shower head and it was so. good. i decided to make use of being in the bathroom and put a little toothpaste on my clit – it hurt so nicely!! if i had an electric toothbrush i might have even used that too… i wanted to cum so badly but i’m not allowed to until christmas day :( anyway, thanks for introducing me to edging ;) -k

You really are making the most of it, well done!

Just remember toothpaste isn’t an ideal thing to be putting on your clit as many of them have little particles in to aide toothbrushing. If you’re washing it straight off in the shower it’s less of a problem but if you love that sensation then you can get arousal balm specifically for this job at somewhere like Lovehoney. Although many of you denial sluts find those aren’t strong enough after a while, so some menthol rub, diluted with lotion at least at first, is a good option too.

Cute huh! Apparently it smells of watermelon.

Whereas this…

…this smells of agony and regret and is only for the true masochists among you.

I wonder which your needy little clit is craving already…


#DenialDecember Day 1

The scene: a couple of weeks ago. A frustrated girl. A sadist, enjoying her suffering.

“Honestly! We have Juno, Locktober, NOvember – what’s next, Denial December?”

He smiled. “Yes.”

So here we are. Last night I was so desperate. He’s put me on anal only – this time I can touch my clit, but I can’t fuck my pussy. It’s my own fault. I told him I was a virgin again. “I haven’t had sex in six months, and I was baptised, so technically I am born again. Therefore… I am a virgin again.”

“I love that,” he said, “I guess that means no fucking your pussy. We wouldn’t want to break your born again hymen.”

I wanted to argue – I did argue, but not hard enough to change his mind. I don’t actually fuck my pussy that often, I prefer simple clitoral edges, but being told I’m not allowed anymore obviously made me very desperate. It’s like when someone tells you you can’t have a biscuit, and you didn’t even want a biscuit, but now that you’ve been told you can’t have it, you do want it.

I just compared my vagina to a biscuit. I’m clearly losing my mind already.

I was desperate. I’d had a ruin the night before, with permission, and it had amplified the horniness. I don’t want to cum, I told him. I don’t know what I want. I’m just so desperate. My clit was starting to hurt from edging so much. “Please put me on no touch,” I begged, “I can’t stop and it hurts.”

He’s a sadist. I should learn to remember this. “Don’t stop. I like it hurting.”

I touched and almost cried. It felt so good to edge, but it was really starting to hurt too. I cried and begged, and then he said something that made my world collapse.

“Get the menthol.”

I wanted to argue. This is something we mostly do for punishment, and I wanted to say that I had been a good girl and that I didn’t want to hurt myself like that.

But part of me was craving the pain. I wanted him to be cruel to me. I was scared, but I wanted him to hurt me.

So I said ‘Yes Sir’, and found some menthol.

He told me to rub it on my clit and keep rubbing while counting to 100. At 100, I could either cum or stop, but if I came I wasn’t allowed to stop rubbing just as hard for another count of 50.

The burning became unbearable at 50, but I cried and kept rubbing. At 70 I started to feel myself getting wet despite the excruciating pain. At 80 I was getting close to the edge. By the time I got to 90 I was fighting to hold off my orgasm. I wanted to cum but I needed the pain to stop. At 100 I pulled away.

I meant to just stop. I meant to just pull away and leave myself well-edged and hurting. But as soon as I stopped, I came, and ruined an orgasm.

I should have kept rubbing. I didn’t mean to ruin. I had wanted the pain to stop, but the ruin had increased it, made it worse, and the burning was unbelievable.

I cried as he comforted me.

“Well done. Good girl. I’m very pleased.”

And that made it all worth it. That’s all I wanted to hear.

My poor clit still hurts today. But I’ve edged three times today so far, and it’s only early afternoon.

I’ve been born again. It’s amazing.

Happy Denial December.

That’s the way to do it.

Oh night, divine.

Beautifully told, @in-heart-and-soul

Now I fancy a biscuit.

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Hi Mr. James! So I put toothpaste on my clit for the first time because i read about what it does to other girls and OMG it burns a little but feels so good at the same time! I love your blog so much by the way! -S

All part of the service!

Now try it on your butt, just before you see friends or family, mwahahaha

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I’m trying to study for a big midterm, but I’m so horny rn. I thought I’d put toothpaste on my clit to help, ya know hands free stimulation, but it’s so much worse. Contemplating fucking myself with my highlighters.

The joy when you find the perfect gif…

Good luck with the midterms.

Hey James, longtime fan here. Tip for your followers (hope it fits the blog!): If you try toothpaste – or anything stronger, for the matter – and need to get it off (Irritations, can´t manage it, whatever), don´t try to wash it off with water. That won´t help, since the actaul effect is from oils. Oils don´t dissolve in water, for those who didn´t get chemistry lessons. Try using some gentle, scent free lotion – that doesn´t work perfectly, either, but you can get most of it off in a few minutes

Aww, don’t spoil the fun. One of my favourite bits is when they beg to be allowed to wash it off and run to the bathroom thinking the water will make it better.

But yes, your lotion tip is the one I give too, it works, a bit.

If you’re using toothpaste though, water’s a good idea at some point. As lots of toothpaste has little irritants in it for polishing your teeth which really aren’t meant for down there. This is why menthol rubs etc are actually better, and they’re pretty easy to get.

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Denial bitch here, and also a physician. My pet is quite happy I decided to put transdermal patches (those weak ones for muscle pain, such as salonpas) on her nipples under her bra, all day. Unless you’re allergic (do test it!) it is a product DESIGNED to keep that menthol tingle light but constant for up to 72h (I don’t recommend sleeping with it, though) but touching is unsatisfying because you’ll be stroking a thick cloth patch, not skin, and the psychological effect can be very frustrating.

Well this is genius! I’ve not heard of these being used.

Here they are on Amazon, and sure enough menthol and lots of other fun ingredients!

But… it’s the Capsicum ‘HOT’ patch that’s really got my attention:

For those who are shaved I imagine they’d work to a degree down between your legs too.

Thanks for this little Dr Denial Bitch. Do feel free to say hi in a message, patient confidentiality assured, of course.But it’s always handy to have a doctor to bounce draft replies to on some issues.