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Hi James! So I was wondering if you could offer a suggestion for me. I have had two separate wand vibrators (one from Lovehoney and the other a body wand brand) but neither were very stimulating for me. I could feel the vibrations, but I would hardly get aroused from it. I’ve always fantasized about getting a hitachi magic wand, but I’m worried that it’ll be the same situation with a more expensive toy. Any thoughts?

Lots of sex toys questions, is Black Friday getting you all out looking?!

As long as you’re talking about the plug in ones, and not battery powered, then the Lovehoney is actually better than the Hitachi Magic wand as the Hitachi only has two power settings (at least the one we had did) while the Lovehoney one is variable and just as powerful as far as I remember.

The battery ones are pretty damn good now too but we still get out the mains powered one for those special times, like when I want to make her scream during post orgasm torture, you know, cute stuff like that.

Also, boys and those with appendages, press one of these babies onto the right butt plug and watch your cock do things you didn’t know it could.

Check out Lovehoney’s Magic Wands here

Fuck me, the UK one is £25 in the sale. I’d snap that up before it changes!

Anyway, back to OP

So, it might be that a big magic wand isn’t what your body likes. That happens. For some they can just be too powerful, even at the lightest setting (if that’s the case try using it through a duvet or clothing).

For others you want a little bullet vibe you can get right up against your clit, with your clit hood out the way, and find the right spot, the broad head of the wand is just too general.

The other thing to try with it though, is use it with a dildo. The one I recommended just now is a cracker. Push that inside you, jam the head of the wand on the base of it so the vibes go right up on you and it kicks the arse of any battery powered vibe. 240volts of pure vibratory goodness (okay 110 for our cousins over the pond).

What you didn’t tell me OP is if you can cum from other stuff, so feel free to message if you want more specific advice.


Hello James. I was wondering what you suggest for a girl that loves denial and forced orgasms.

Nice combo! 7 days denial and then tie a vibe on high against your clit, restrain your hands above your head and no stopping until it’s made you cum once for each day you were denied.

You’ll probably need a wand vibe for that kind of forced orgasm though, but they are brilliant for tying on, like this:


Hello James, thank you for your site I love and follow with great dedication ! I am at the beginning of my third week of denial, six edges a day and yesterday, I received by mail my first magic wand. I could manage it only for a few seconds before I was on edge. I love to play with myself before denying me orgasm so I wonder if the magic wand is not just for me or if I don’t know how to use it.

Well thank you oh dedicated follower, it’s genuinely appreciated!

So the magic wand, as you can see, the problem with the damn things is they are just so powerful. If you’ve got the classic Hitachi magic wand that’s doubly a problem as it only has two power levels – oh GOD! and OH MY FUCKING GOD!

Hopefully you’ve gone for something like the Lovehoney Wand which is variable power, so can go slower (although it’s still pretty intense at any level)

Whatever you’ve got, it sure packs a punch. But if you’re using it for edging there are a few ways to make the most of it:

Use it through layers. Try it on you through some jeans and then add more layers, it’s great to put a few layers between you and it and then put it on a pillow and ride it for as long as you can stand it – make your own sybian basically.

Make use of the cord – dangle it from above you so that it’s hanging just where if you arch your back you can reach it, and then try and get off as it wobbles around and doesn’t stay just where you want it.

Combine with other toys – got a suction cup dildo? Bury that in you and then press the wand against the base of the dildo. Yep, you may well squirt.

Use it near your clit but not on it. This is a classic, press it against your upper thighs, the side of your labia, your asshole (oh GOD your asshole, and a plug too…) and feel the vibrations travel through you to keep you on edge. Also, for some, pressing it just above your pelvic bone can get to your g-spot from the outside – also amazing.

And then, of course, you can…ruin orgasms with it, again and again – press that fucker right on you and then pull it away just as you go over. Then, count to just 20, yep 20 while you’re still super sensitive, and jam it back on, and do it again. Rinse and repeat

Have fun!