Blog Post, Female Orgasm Denial

Hello, James. I’m sorry I’m just too shy so I asked anonymously. I’m quite new to denial and my longest record is a week(usually 3 days). But I want to explore it, so I decide to try Juno. I began on 5/30 and became extremely aroused on 6/2. I was dripping constantly and could always feel a combination of sour, ache, and itch. But after 6/2, my arousal level seemed to drop. Although I keep edging three times a day, I don’t feel aroused any more. No desire to cum, edge or touch. -Emma

Hey Emma, So, that happens sometimes. Our bodies are remarkable, complex things, and it doesn’t […]

Blog Post

hi James! long time listener, first time caller. I could use your help trying out denial for the first time! I’ve always had a fairly low sex drive, but there’s a guy I’ve just started seeing and it’s my first time having sex with someone else in 5 years, and I had a really hard time getting turned on enough to get off :/ I’m definitely interested, so I thought I’d try a little denial to give my sex drive a little head start! any suggestions? thanks!! -Melanie

Hi Melanie! I’m so glad you asked this question, it’s such a great element of […]