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i just had the best orgasm ive had in a long time from the wheel of denial. i did a couple tasks then edged and sat there for an hour and when i came back i did a couple more and then let myself orgasm (very new to denial!!) and it was so good i had been stuck in an old routine and this was the best way to change it up

This is fabulous, I’m so delighted!

Let me just encourage you, what you did, having a denial session and then coming back later and enjoying an orgasm, that’s COMPLETELY valid and a great way to enjoy denial. 

You’ll read a lot about days and weeks and months of denial, here and all over the place, but I honestly wish more people would talk about short term denial like this as it’s a wonderful way for those intrigued by denial to explore it.

It can be as simple as that one experience, one single time doing what you did, just masturbating and not cumming at the end, for everything about denial to click and someone to realise ‘oh my god this makes me feel amazing!’

It’s especially fun to do it before you are going out. So a good hard edging session before going out to work or school or for the evening. That way you’re all horny and happy while you’re out, but can’t really do anything about it and can’t wait to get back home to finish off what you started.

Slip in some jiggle balls to really ratchet up the intensity!

And as you say, the orgasms you get after you do this are often so much better than what you’re used to. What’s not to love?

While I encourage everyone to try longer, especially because of the ‘denial high’ that kicks in after a few days, if you discover this short denial works for you then that’s great too. You are absolutely a denial slut. So welcome to the party!

Bobby Bargain Alert

While making that above link to the Jiggle balls I noticed that this amazing set of Jiggle Balls (they call them Kegel Trainers but it’s the same thing) are down to £7.50 on UK Lovehoney and 

€8.98 on their EU site. That’s crazy! 

They’re normally nearly four times that. We have these ones, the double pair, this comes with the double and the single. And as suggested above, are amazing for secretly wearing inside you during denial. Plus as the name implies, they help strengthen your kegel muscles so that’s a bonus. They’re silicone so safe to keep in you for as long as you want. And they look like little black sperm so bonus points (the tail is to easily pull them out but you can cut it off if you feel happy without it).

But really… it’s the balls inside them, secretly and silently rolling around every time you move, vibrating against your g-spot that is going to make you drip into your poor panties all day long!

I’m afraid they’re still full price on the US site but remember you can still go to the UK or EU site and order from there. Postage isn’t much more if I recall. It just takes a little longer to get to you.

Tracy Cox Silicone Jiggle Balls at Lovehoney

Hi James, I just wanted to start by saying my boyfriend and I absolutely love your blog! I’ve been a denial slut for a couple of months now, and not had an orgasm for 2 weeks so I’m always so wet and horny. I had an interesting experience today, we went to the cinema to watch a movie in 4dx (where the seats move and vibrate A LOT) wearing jiggle balls. It felt like I was on edge for 2 hours! as I got close it would stop moving, it was such an amazing teasing experience I wanted to share with you

Firstly I’m loving all these couples writing in recently, so thank you all, do keep it up – oh and remember what she wants most for Christmas is NOT to cum, no matter what she says.

As for Jiggle Balls to the cinema, that’s fucking genius! Absolutely perfect with vibrating seats. Good work!

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Sorry if this is a silly question but what do you do with jiggle balls?

You put them in your pussy and wear them in secret so they stimulate you as you walk and more and, jiggle. They are also known as Ben Wa balls.

Most of them have a small steel ball INSIDE the balls themselves so they silently roll around inside you as you move. 

They keep you stimulated from the inside, and also help strengthen your pelvic/kegel muscles.

You can get single ones but most of them are double to fill you up better and press on your g-spot

Have a look at Lovehoney

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JuNO the 8th


Today’s going to be a good day. My menses are over so I get to wear my jiggle balls to work again! I put them in, took a few steps into my bedroom and collapsed bent over the bed moaning and thrusting. I was incoherent for about five minutes humping my bed like the needy little slut I am. When I woke up I was feeling pretty meh about going to work but now I’m all fired up!

This is what I like to hear! Denial as a motivator, well done!

For those asking for recommendations in the notes, here’s Lovehoney’s collection of Jiggle Balls

Can I very, very highly recommend you do NOT buy any with a string (literally string) in between. You can NEVER clean that properly and so it’s just a very bad idea. But there are damn cheap ones with a solid rubber connector which are fine (if not great).

If you can spend just a little more the Lovehoney Main Squeeze ones are neat little ones, and the Tracey Cox Supersex ones (below) are better if you want them a bit bigger (we own both).

I am doing the Christmas denial challenge (of course, James. How could I not?!) Day 1 is going well. But just to make myself even hornier (Why? Why? Why?) I am going out for a night on the town now wearing a sexy, tight dress, heels and the jiggle butt plug you recommended. I hope I get chatted up! ;)

Why? Because you love it, Fifi my dear! 

Have fun jiggling!

We know who else is wearing one…

Oh, the Lovehoney Sale just started, jiggle balls are stupid cheap

I’m a teacher so I can’t run this kind of blog or really have it tied to my name/face at all, but I just got my newest order of toys in and I loved the feeling of slipping my new jiggle balls inside me after edging for an hour or so

Anonymity is a wonderful thing, isn’t it. Although you can create a secondary blog on Tumblr now and use that to message from you know.

Jiggle balls, I don’t talk enough about them! They’re a wonderful toy. The butt plugs I recommend have a similar mechanism, a ball inside that wobbles around as you move, but the jiggle balls (often called Ben Wa) balls are even bigger and can have heavier balls inside. 

Sometimes I have my wife wear them when we’re going out with friends, she’s going


crazy by the time we get home (especially if we’ve taken the train back from London).

I know several girls who LOVE wearing them to clubs, and claim they cum while dancing with them in. At the very least, they make housework a bit more interesting, and they certainly help keep your pelvic floor in tip top condition.

(If anyone’s thinking of getting some my main advice is avoid the ones with string between them, I can’t see how that can be very hygienic – but there’s loads of options at Lovehoney, so see what their reviews say). These are the ones we have, 

I’ve recently bought ben wa/jiggle balls, and have only been wearing them for short periods. But I’ve noticed that I’m constantly aware of them being inside me and this sort of leaves me constantly on edge. Do you perhaps have any ideas or tasks on how I can incorporate them with orgasm denial?

Oh this is lovely. For those that don’t know, ben wa or ‘jiggle balls’ are the class of toy designed to be inserted in your pussy to excite you and also they are used to help encourage ‘kegel’ exercises that keep your pelvic floor muscles strong (useful for 1. not peeing by accident, 2. squeezing a guy’s cock when inside you).

The ‘jiggle’ part comes from the fact lots of them are hollow and have a second metal ball inside them which rolls around and so gently vibrates every time you move.

In terms of ideas for incorporating them. First thing I’d suggest is some reward system where you have to wear them all day if you’re to be allowed to edge that evening.

Using them in daring situations is fun. That might be a party, with friends or family, at the gym is brilliant, and while going for a run is seriously hardcore.

Lastly depending on the type you have you can use them as a kind of dildo, so experiment with fucking yourself with them as you edge and when you do cum, pull them out just after you go over the edge.

They’re pretty awesome. But there’s things to be aware when buying some.

They are probably going to spend quite a lot of time inside you so buying a nice silicon one is worthwhile if you can afford it. Lots of them are now, but that gives you a super smooth soft surface that is very hypoallergenic which is ideal really.

The cheap ones, and you can get them from about $8, are connected by a string. Now, this is fine for occasional use or trying them out I guess. But I think having a string rather than a sealed silicon connector is simply not a hygenic option. You can’t clean it well and as much as I love stuffing you, my wonderful denial sluts, we want your pussies dripping for the right reasons. Not because you got some nasty infection. So yeah, avoid the string ones apart from for just trying out a cheap set and occasional use, and make sure to clean it super well.

Check out Lovehoney.com’s Jiggle Ball selections

For just a couple of dollars more you can get the ones below which have a solid connector rather than string – definitely worth it.

While for about $30 you can get a silicon set like this (plus the balls come out both for washing and it can be interesting to just try the balls ‘loose’ if your muscles are good enough.

Remember you can’t lose things up your vagina! It’s not deep enough and you can always squeeze it out with patience. However nothing should go up your bottom unless it’s designed to not get pulled in, or you’ll be having a very embarrassing day.

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I have a bit of a confession, I did my daily edging requirements on the bus today and it was about 3/4 ways full. I covered myself with my coat and pretended to sleep only underneath the facade my fingers were slipping in and out of my dripping cunt and teasing my clit to that edge. and well let’s just say it was the best edge in a long time and it took so much control to stop. Afterwards I suckled off my pussy juice covered fingers.

How scrumptious. Thank you, a wonderful confession! 

Do you imagine some guy or girl you fancy sitting next to you, and secretly slipping their hand under your coat too? I bet you will now. Just picture their eyes growing wide as they feel how wet you are. And because I’m feeling nice today, should that ever happen then yes, you can come all over their hand, just, not yours.

Your reward is to buy yourself some ‘Jiggle balls’ (they’re on sale from just £3 here which is possibly the cheapest toy I’ve seen in a while):


because, riding the bus with those in is quite an experience!