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James, I think I’m fucked. I’ve started oral training and I’m on denial and no touch until I can take my whole 12” dildo to its hilt. Tonight is day 1 and I got about 9”. I have 15 minutes a night for training and I’m tied in a crotch rope the whole night. I’m already soaking wet and I just want a dick inside me so bad. I feel like a whole foot is too much, but that’s what the training is for right? It’s going to take forever, and already all I want to do is touch. I’m totally fucked aren’t I?


I love it. Just go slow, your throat isn’t made for fucking, it’s for swallowing. You don’t want to hurt yourself. So just listen to what your body is telling you, and cinch that crotch rope tighter when you are tempted to touch. I’m sure grinding and pulling on your nipples will make it easier.