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I kinda wanted to fuck myself today but I’ve kinda gotten into not being allowed to. So instead of doing that I taped over my pussy. Clear duct tape makes it look interesting and I can’t fuck it.

That’s awesome. For those thinking about this, SHAVE FIRST. Also, patch test to make sure you aren’t allergic to it please. But awesome!

Hey James, my wife and I go back and forth being subs. The next time she’s the sub, I was thinking of super gluing her pussy lips together. My question with this, is how long does the super glue hold? Any other advise on the topic would also be greatly appreciated. Thanks and please continue with a fantastic blog.

So nice to hear from a switchy couple! Best of both worlds.

I’d be cautious with this one though, definitely one to talk through and test first.

I’m not recommending it, but if you both want to try it, here’s how to safely try superglue infibulation (that’s the proper term although it’s mostly used for the awful surgical FGM procedure).

Firstly you want to get some medical super glue which is actually designed for skin. Standard superglue (cyanoacrylate is the chemical term) isn’t great for skin as it releases some heat and formaldehyde when curing.

Medical super glue is formulated to minimise these so a better bet.

Surgiseal and Dermabond are the two big brands, but it’s easier to buy the veterinary version, Vetbond which is similar stuff.

To remove it you use acetone, which many nail polish removers contain (check the ingredients). This shit stings like a bitch, and is usually the painful part of the process. Otherwise as skin cells naturally regenerate the glue will unstick and you can wash it off after a few hours to a few days depending how much you used.

The best way to test that the acetone works is put a drop on a finger and let it dry, then use the acetone to melt and remove it. Once you’ve done that, try glueing two fingers together (like a splint) and see how much you need and how you apply the acetone to remove that (little wipes as it gently opens).

Finally, rub a bit of the acetone over your outer labia so you know what it’s going to be like to remove it and check against any bad reaction. Apply it using a cotton wool ball or soft cloth – don’t ever pour it on.

When it comes to the kinky use of this, you want to make sure you’re all smooth and hairless down there. You only want to be sticking the very outer labia together as inner labia are way too sensitive for this, so if you have larger ones, just make sure they are neatly tucked in and don’t get glue on them. It should all look very neat when done.

Use as little as you can at first, you’ll find it unsticks pretty quickly (minutes to an hour or two at most), a scrub in the shower will undo it in most cases (but you’ll need the acetone to get the remnants off).

Once you’ve explored that, try using a bit more to make it last longer and feel more secure – it’ll still come apart with acetone but if you’re actually having sex with this done it can hurt if it starts to unstick, so you’re actually better off doing it properly then removing it properly with acetone.

The big issue once it’s done is obviously peeing. It still comes out but just dribbles down inside and is pretty icky so be careful with that. You really need a shower or bidet wash to get clean after you pee, which is a real pain.

Here’s an example a follower sent me that’s been very neatly done.


And another I found: https://degradations-pain.tumblr.com/post/158449283765/glue-infibulation-just-a-reminder-that-youre

Have fun, and be safe!


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What do you think of COMPLETE denial, like removing the clit or labia so the girl feels no pleasure whatsoever?

If it’s a fantasy, sure fill your boots, you’re allowed to get yourself off on whatever takes your fancy – I’ve done a few infibulation posts which borders on that. But in reality, horrific and a daily reality for many women who have suffered from Female Genital Mutilation – which remains one of the most wicked and disgusting practises a culture can impose upon its women.

I was watching the scene in The Handmaid’s Tale recently where the woman has this done to her and I actually cried.

So there you go, that’s what I think.

My biggest denial fantasy is becoming an anal-only slut, completely with body modification to have my clit permanently covered/removed and my vaginal canal and up removed. Even my inner and outer labia would be smoothed over, kind of like a Barbie doll. I would have been either tricked or forced into the surgery and then, afterwards, humiliated and degraded about how I would never cum again unless it was from my ass and how worthless a whore I am for not even having a cunt any more.

Oh, clitectomy and infibulation, those are some hardcore denial fantasies, woman. Good work!

Come on my horny little followers, what’s your fantasy?