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I have been thinking about orgasms lately and how I have never had someone else make me cum and it made me start to really think about when l “cum”. I put that it quotes because I am starting to think I am not really cumming. I tend to stop when it feels overwhelmingly good and then I am left wet and squirmy. I always assumed that overwhelmingly good was cumming but as I read it seems I might just be edging or ruining them. How do I know? — Squirming Sage.

Hello Sage,

Do your ‘orgasms’ leave you aching for more? Could you rub your clit hard just seconds after you ‘cum’? Do your ‘climaxes’ leave you feeling satisfied and blissed out or are you hornier than ever?

Hmm, I wouldn’t worry about it. Sounds like you’re having perfect ‘orgasms’. I mean, imagine if you’d never actually cum. Wouldn’t that be crazy? You’ve only ever edged and perhaps ruined your orgasms?  I mean, a girl like that, she’d be drawn to blogs that encourage her to just… keep on doing it. She’d get turned on by that idea. She’d get all aroused at the idea of having accidentally never cum, and now, deliberately continuing it.

So Squirming Sage, I’d say, just keep on doing what you’re doing. 

It’s perfect.

Good girl,