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Hi James, I am getting into edging and have done it a few times in the past. It’s nice. I don’t really like to masturbate often, so I feel as if “no-touch” would be easy for me. Today I edged with my fingers and a little while later I was curious to how my warm Surface charger brick would feel on my clit, so I put it there. Not really hot or hot enough to cause burns, just enough for the sensation. It was amazing and I ended up edging with the brick & after, accidentally ruined an orgasm. -N.

Awesome edging report, thank you N!

(Make sure the power brick is waterproof, just sayin’)

The Dildo Drone – Now with a denial setting!

It may look like a giant killer pink mosquito but this latest development in the world of automated sex toys means you can now enjoy hands free pleasuring at the touch (or rub) of a button.

Now, due to demand, it comes with a denial setting that will monitor your response and prevent orgasm! 

Look out soon our very own models that ship to you fixed irreversibly to that setting!