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I just wanted to let you know that one of my favorite ways to edge these days is to use my we-vibe on an extremely low, teasing setting (like the “tide” mode on a 2) and scroll through your blog. I highly recommend this toy as an edging tool for all the other horny sluts reading your page. Not only is it hands-free for the wearer, but if you have a partner they can control it from any where in the world via an app. Makes ruining orgasms a bit easier as well.

This is a great tip, thank you anon!

The we-vibe is a great little bit of kit, pretty expensive but the latest version is very clever, wireless charging, bluetooth control via your phone, plus a remote.

It’s not cheap, but if you get it at Lovehoney at the moment you get a very nice free bondage kit with it!


What’s great about it is that it can vibrate your clit and pussy at the same time and with teasing patterns.

A cheap version of this is a simple bullet vibe in your pussy or panties or even this TRIPLE VIBE on a cord worn secretly under your clothes and the remote hidden in your pocket.