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Denial high

It came back.

It came back with a vengeance.

I’d been struggling for weeks. Depression was settling around me and I couldn’t breathe anymore. I kept going over, kept cumming without permission, but he wouldn’t punish me. He waited. He was gentle, and understanding, and loving, as I worked through my pain slowly. I cried every day. We prayed together, and we talked, and I cried, and every time i edged I went over and i hated myself for it, but he never told me off.

He waited.

And it came back. The fog started to pull away, and I started to see the light again. I think I’m being more positive again, I told him. I haven’t cum in two days, and I want to try one more day and then cum.

He said I was a good girl, but he didn’t push me. He didn’t say I wasn’t allowed. He waited.

It came back. I’m so horny, I texted. ‘I just edged so hard, and I’m trying not to touch but i really want to.’

‘Just humping, princess’, he said.

I humped my pillow and I kept talking. I begged to use a dildo and he said yes, but leave that clit alone. I kept begging for more. I was digging a hole but I wanted to, I wanted to dig, I wanted to be denied, I wanted more. ‘I want to stay like this. I was only going to do this for a few days but I want you to keep me like this for much longer’.

‘Are you sure, little fucktoy?’

I was so happy he was calling me names again, belittling me again, being mean to me again, I didn’t hesitate for even a second. ‘Yes Sir.’

Then you will stay like this, he said. He didn’t say for how long. He didn’t specify an end date. I didn’t want him to. I wanted the vague threat of forever.

I edged, and I begged, and finally I got so close I had to stop, so I did. I slowed down the fucking, not even a finger or anything else against my clit. And very slowly, I pulled the dildo out.

And I came. With no touching at all, an orgasm suddenly built and exploded and overwhelmed me. I panicked.

It was a ruin of course. I wasn’t even touching, and the explosion happened without touching and fizzed out immediately. It was my first no touch orgasm and my first no touch ruin.

I cried.

And part of me thought it was beautiful.

I edged hard again tonight and I didn’t go over. I can see the light again. The denial high is back.

I hope I stay like this. I hope he keeps me like this for a long time.

I hope I don’t get to cum again for a long time.

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Oh god, your blog has ruined me. I’ve been edging for a month and I’m so desperate and needy but I don’t even really want to cum, but I need a ruin James, please let me have a ruin! I’ve been edging just by humping the past few days- pillows, edge of my bed, table corner, stuffed animals- and I feel like my mind is about to blow. Please James, please let me ruin, I’m begging you. -K

I have to say, K, that’s some good begging right there.

But no, I think I like you just the way you are.

Keep on humping, keep on edging. Let’s blow your mind.

Damn I haven’t had a Swifty Gif for far too long.

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Hi James, I’ve been reading your blog for a month now and I’ve found being called a good girl works way too well on me, as much as I hate to admit it. This is making my experimentation with denial ever more torturous as I nearly cum every time I think about it and leaves me a desperate, dripping mess. I’m blaming you and your sadistic nature for this. And maybe my insatiable curiosity. Any chance of letting me cum to give me some relief, or at least something I can do to persuade you? – Asuna

Oh Asuna, that’s a dilemma. 

I’ve heard it said that

good girls don’t cum.

You want to be a good girl, don’t you.

So no, sweetie. No relief, not for my…

I have lost the ability to orgasm and have become a victim of Cal’s Curse

Try to see it as a positive.

You’ve gained the ability to edge without spoiling it! A Cal’s Curse success story!


I had my first edge last night and all day today I’ve been so fucking horny.I was in class and I started to get the urge to play with my pussy and I started dripping.when I went to the bathroom my panties were completely soaked and had made my jeans all wet.I had no idea this kink would be so effective. Im going to continue edging with denial for as long as I can.(Also is the wheel of denial still up?I looked but it said it didn’t work but there’s been people using it in 2016 so I just wondered)

This is absolutely wonderful. I love you!

More confessions wanted!

And yes, Wheel of Denial seems to be working fine, probably just needed lubricating.

Sounds like you can help!

A dare for the ‘good’ girls…

Here’s a dare for all those good girls who follow my blog with their cute little Tumblr’s where they only post nice pretty things but really use Tumblr to sate your dark, lustful desires in the hidden shadows. I know who you are, and I love to see you reading my blog.

Reblog this. You can delete this caption first of course. You can even just go to the source and reblog it from there, although the more daring of you will enjoy having it cited as a reblog from here.

And for every one of your followers who comments on it, you’re to finger your wet, aching little slut pussy right to the edge.

Good girl.