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I think I get off on watching other girls not be allowed to get off. Is that weird? I feel weird about it, like it’s a really dirty thing. -miso

If it is, miso, then both you and I are fucked, because that’s why I made this blog! It is dirty, hot and fucking dirty and awesome. Quit worrying about it and enjoy! And if you’re feeling brave maybe even try it yourself…

Just found your blog and never knew denial was a kink and I do this to myself for about a week at a time, it makes the orgasm I have so amazing. Although I wish I had someone to tease me even more ;) Oh I don’t know if I could handle it if I did.

Not just a kink… THE kink in my totally biased opinion. It so wonderfully unlocks the way to trying lots of other fun sexy things. In fact it’s pretty much the gateway kink to a whole new world!

Come on in, the water’s lovely! You never know until you try.