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I’ve never had an orgasm from soley penetration, but it feels like I get very, very close… Any tips? :(

Well, of course given this is an orgasm denial blog, I could just say, this is perfect, keep it just as it is. Having a way to just edge yourself crazy without the risk of going over is super hot and useful.

Women I teach to orgasm from penetration (and yes I do that, we love orgasms here, we just love not having them even more) they regularly later express they wish they hadn’t learnt!

For g-spot/vaginal orgasms a lot is about technique and the right tools. So make sure you’re using a good dildo with a curve on it, like the one I recommend on my toys page. Or a vibrator that really hits the spot – there are many designed to get to your g-spot.

The stats are generally about 30% of women can orgasm from penetration alone. Now I’m firmly of the belief that’s because most women are just expecting it to happen by magic, letting Mr Wondercock do it all. Like anything, some training and practise can make a huge difference.

In my own experience 70-80% of women can cum from penetration alone if they work at it.

The orgasm fundamentals apply, that is, the two rules of ‘pressure’ – that you want to create sexual pressure in your body, through tensing and breathing technique, while you let go of pressure with your mind, don’t over think, focus on what turns you on.

Have a look at my posts or edging technique and basically do the opposite!


Add to that good fucking technique, getting in a good position, using a toy that can actually get to your g-spot (or deeper if you’re very aroused by deep penetration, many are).

And finally, for many the thing that holds them back is when you get it right you feel a need to pee. This is NOT you wanting to pee. This is you building up ejaculate. Read more here http://edging.space/post/124361004088/how-can-you-make-yourself-squirt-and-how-can-my

So, right toys, right technique, and some practise and you’ll get there.

The question is do you really want to?


Hi James! I just wanted to share with all the edging lady’s out here that I just had -the- best orgasm ever! After dabbling with denial myself I am now denying my partner! And he just found a special new spot in me whilst fingering which made me cum so hard I can still feel it! He used to suck at fingering but he’s getting so much better! I’m scared I won’t want to get back into denial myself! Love, Saylan

Woo hoo! Good work Saylan, and your partner’s magic fingers.

Denial or not, the most important thing with sex is keep trying new things. Some aren’t going to work for you, but some are going to blow your mind. 

Your body is capable of so much more than you realise, and part of why I love denial is it’s often the gateway to help you discover that.

I have lost count of the number of women who have told me ‘Oh my god if only I’d tried this years ago!’ Whether it’s denial, anal, g-spot orgasms or just fun little kinky things that just work for them.

Keep exploring, keep experimenting, 

Good girls.


PS Saylan, once a denial slut, always a denial slut – so don’t worry about it – trust me.

I just had my first penetrative orgasm. I used the handle of a backscratcher (it was rubber and clean no worries). And it was really thin but it felt so good and I wanted to cry. And I was edging myself for a while on accident because my arms are kind of short and my position made it hard to fuck myself and play with my clit and I wanted both. And so it took 2x my normal time to orgasm.

Well this sounds like fun, it’s amazing what is good to use to fuck yourself! Crying can be quite common when exploring new pleasures, don’t be afraid of it, just let yourself cry and keep fucking or rubbing or whatever it is, it’s very cathartic. 

Now you’ve had it, of course, I just want you edging, knowing you can do it, but keeping yourself right on the edge. It’s another thing to deny yourself! Who’s a lucky girl.