Blog Post, Female Orgasm Denial

I’m edging as I write this. I have an odd fantasy…coming across this tube of denial gel and a set of video recordings. Watching the video, I learn that the gel was developed by a female scientist who tested it out on herself. She put it on her own pussy and masturbated every day for a month, eventually turning into a denial bimbo. I like to think I’d shake my head and think to myself “How ridiculous. There’s no way this could happen. I’ll try this myself to prove it.”

The very last video gives you the coordinates of her secret lab. Once you put […]

Blog Post, Female Orgasm Denial

Hi James. I never sent you anything before but I thought this would be the kind of thing you’d like to read… I had this dream where I was tied to the bed and someone (that I know and can’t look in the eyes anymore after that) edged me again and again and again. I was supposed to tell him a fantasy in Portuguese for him to let me cum but I’m awful in Portuguese so I was confessing a lot of things things in Spanish (first language) for nothing cause he just kept edging me. That dream was WOW

t’s beautiful, and the Portuguese bit is delightfully masochistic. Good work! Fantasy rating:

Blog Post, Female Orgasm Denial

A random thought just popped into my head. Picture this; a society where women are taught from as teenagers how to have, and then limit, orgasms. Not to save them for men, but because it’s a practice of self-control. Orgasms are seen as the ultimate act of submission, to be avoided. If someone else DOES manage to give you an orgasm, you have to be their slave for at least a year while not cum to assert your independence. And you don’t want to know what happens when you make YOURSELF cum…

But I DO wonder! 😛 Nice fantasy! It reminds me of Aldous Huxley’s Brave New […]

Blog Post, Female Orgasm Denial

I’ve done cheer for 4 years & I’ve always had the fantasy of being in the locker room after a game & 2 guy friends of mine from the football team come in while changing & I look down pulling my shirt down & I look up and he’s standing in front of me & pins me up against the wall by my throat & kisses me & when I try to push him away he pins my arms above my head & the other starts ripping my clothes off & their hands are all over me & punishing me for being a tease but never fucking them

This is how it ends up when they take you back to a friend’s house:

Blog Post, Female Orgasm Denial

I have a rather odd, specific fantasy. I imagine that I have a master who offers me two pills every morning. One is for birth control and the other inhibits orgasms. He says I’m free to refuse one or both of the pills at any time, but he won’t tell me which is which. Did I mention the two pills look exactly alike? And I don’t know what excites me more; forcing myself to take both pills until I want children, or refusing one of the pills, only to guess wrong. Which do you think is better?

I LOVE specific, pretty random, fantasies like this! Imagine they made stronger versions, the choice […]

Blog Post, Female Orgasm Denial

James, my fantasy is silly. I get turned on thinking of Victorian times, and being required to wear layers and layers of restrictive garments , almost like a human doll. Under neath it all I’d be soaked with arousal, but unable to touch myself through all those layers. And of course ‘proper’ ladies would never be caught masturbating. No doubt it would keep me nice willing and submissive for my husband. Maybe he would allow me a pleasure.

I love fantasies like this, thank you for sharing! What a great mix, corsets, steel […]

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Hi James. I’m pretty new to all this- so I’m not good. But Ive been practicing! But I orgasmed today so I did the wheel of punishment and have to write my darkest fantasy. It’d be to be tied up someplace public (where its legal, i guess) blindfolded, and used by whoever passes by- doesn’t matter who or what hole but never allowed to cum. Thanks for running this blog and doing the wheels. -B

Hi B, you’re very welcome! Edge to this and videos you can find like your […]