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I have a fantasy I want to share with you and your followers James! I don’t know why but I just want to tell someone about it. I’m a lesbian, and I practice self denial, but I have a crazy fantasy of a straight girl. Any girl, but a straight girl who controls me and my orgasms. Maybe she has a boyfriend, or different partners, but the thought of her denying me and using me for her pleasure is just so hot, especially when I know she’s straight and not attracted to me. Just thought I’d share :)

I adore that! Damn I love it when you guys share your fantasies like this. Not only are they so hot to read but they encourage everyone that it’s good and healthy to have them, and even better to share them, and it’s just so good for your mind and sex life to be exploring hot inventive fantasies like this.

I am imagining she’s your close friend. The one you had a crush on, well you still do, and oh god it’s only going to get worse now she controls your orgasms.

You figured you’d share your secret, maybe she’d open up, god maybe she’d even try it. And maybe, just maybe her super horny denied self might not be so uptight and straight, literally – something might happen.

But oh shit, that uptightness, turns out, the bitch is a natural domme. Your plan completely fails to get her into you, and instead fans the flames of her dominance. Every detail of your edging and denial pour out of your mouth and before you know your orgasms are hers.

She can’t wait to get back and tell her boyfriend everything, while you start on your first edge.

You are so fucked.

Hi James I tried the wheel of punishment today and I had to write my darkest fantasy. Mine is to be publicly humiliated by my partner(s) and he(she, they) make strangers masturbate me in public while I am denied orgasm while I wear no panties but also wearing the most smallest, tightest and slutiest outfit that leaves nothing to imagination. Hope it’s a got one.

Damn, yes it’s a hot one! Just imagine, thousands masturbating to your fantasy right now.

You can all pop over to my bdsmlr account which is slowly building up some good stuff, to help of course:


The asks and guidance is still here, but the stuff to rub your brains away too is there now.

Have fun, and don’t cum.

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I’ve been edging for hours (as I do every day) And came across the post about sharing secrets >\< so, I have a fantasy of edging in public. I have came in a public restroom but I want to edge with no walls between me and them. The excitement of possibly getting found out, the humiliation if I do, idk how I would but I want to. it’d be really hard not to cum, but good girls don’t cum, and I’m a very good girl ^^

A very, very good girl.

The door’s not locked. You can hear someone approaching.

Ruin it just as the door opens.

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Hey, James! My current fantasy is being in the 1800’s and being treated by a doctor for “hysteria” with a vibrator. Thought you might find that interesting! ;)

Most interesting. Of course in my practise we’d see it as deeply inappropriate to make a woman actually experience


. No indeed, it is the process that is good for one, the eventual outcome is strictly for the marital bed. But the closer we can take you the better the cure so our one or two hour sessions are designed to keep you on the very pinnacle of that climax.

While some patients do complain at first that this makes the symptoms of their hysteria worse, the lower abdomen aching, the wetness between the legs, the inappropriate fantasies, we find in almost all cases the husbands, who are after all, the real patient, report delight at the results.

Their wives are so eager in the bedroom that male satisfaction is achieved daily, as is recommended, and in manners we won’t discuss in depth here but are definitely somewhat unconventional (the desire to fellate seems to grow exponentially, for example).

We are somewhat ‘old school’ at the surgery and do prefer to give manual stimulation with hands and olive oil (virgin of course). However we are not slow to embrace the latest technologies of this wondrous age, and the use of ‘vibrators’ on our Tuesday and Thursday mid afternoon clinics is proving popular. Our specially trained nurses constantly adjust the speed of the devices to ensure our patients receive the most beneficial levels of stimulation while whispering soothing words to them. They take great delight in their work, and their professionalism, so have no fear, no climaxes will be allowed.

Wheels Keep On Turning…

Hi James!

This is the first time I have contacted you, as the Wheel of Punishment ordered me to tell you my darkest fantasy. I have been following your blog for months, but finally decided to join in on the 1st of this month. Clearly need to practice more if I am visiting the punishment wheel already! I am also on 3 day no touch, which is driving me crazy. I still spin the Wheel of Denial, just to torture myself with the fact that i could be having all those edges if I hadn’t gone over.

Well, here’s one of my fantasies. It’s hard to say if it is my darkest, as I have a lot of them!

It starts with me alone in my house, comfortable, safe. Glass of wine, trash TV, pyjamas, the works. My partner is due home from work soon. When the door opens, he comes into the living room. He is obviously drunk, and he is not alone. There are 2 other men with him. My partner doesn’t speak, but comes over and kisses me roughly, pushing his tongue deep into my mouth. I try to push him off, embarrassed by his behaviour in front of others, but he knocks my hands away and slaps me across the face, ordering me never to push him away again. He pulls out his cock and tries to push it into my mouth. I try to stand, to leave, but he grabs me by the throat and throws me to my knees in front of the other men. ‘If you won’t suck my cock, then you can suck theirs’. He forces me to suck off both of his friends, while ripping my clothes from my body. He reaches between my legs, and slides his fingers into my wet pussy. He finger fucks me hard, knowing my body better than myself, and brings me to the edge, but won’t let me cum. All three of them force their cocks into my mouth, one after the other, relentless. My partner keeps me riding on the edge, until I start begging for him to stop, to let me go or let me cum, but just make it all stop. He won’t let me cum, saying having me desperate and needy made me suck cock better. He tells me that all 3 of them will be fucking me, but it has to be me that begs for them to fuck my holes. He keeps edging me while cock after cock hits the back of my throat. I am so desperate to cum, but I don’t want to fuck these strangers, so I try to go with it, hoping they get bored, or cum in my mouth. Then my partner pulls out my wand, and I know then I will lose.

Oh we haven’t had one of these in ages, thank you! Remember folks, fantasies are good for you, they do NOT necessarily mean you want it in real life, it’s you exercising the single most important sexual organ, YOUR BRAIN. So get fantasising, don’t be lazy, and if you want to, share it with us!


Unf. Your crotch rope caption reminds me of a huge fantasy of mine. I’m in your denial academy, having signed a contract that I am for all intents and purposes owned by the academy. The daughter of the headmaster has it out for me and keeps tricking me into getting in trouble in her place. I never get to cum and she always looks perfect. After graduation I am sold to her and forced to live in permanent orgasmless service forever. *drips*

Well that’s a new angle on it!

My confession. I sit at my desk on days like today, wearing a tiny black silk dress and black matching lace bra and panties, horny all day, desperate to touch myself, to feel the wetness that’s gathering on my panties as I scroll your blog, a lesbian blog and wonder what it must feel like to touch another woman with a pussy as soft and wet as mine, how she might taste, how I would feel with her tongue lapping up all of my desire, her fingers inside until I cum, how long we could go at it.

I love it, wonderfully described, thank you!

It’s still not too late, enter the confession competition to win a donated orgasm!


This might be tame, but I often think about being surrounded by people made to edge and cum before they ravage me.
They keep using the phrase “debase yourself”. There’s something about that word in my head…said in a Severus Snape-esque voice….that *does* Things.
Then after I do as they say and “debase myself” (squirm) then the real torture begins. But the best part for me in the whole getting me wet is the humiliation of being told to do it and getting wet as a result. Oh, and being made to make eye contact the whole time knowing that they know that I know that they know (and so on)
If any of that makes sense?

I love it! A trigger phrase in all the right ways, and the eye contact, so great.

Just imagine, being right on the edge, not allowed to stop, but knowing as soon as you cum you’ll be ravaged by them all as soon as you do. Totally exposed, hearing them laugh to each other about how wet you are and what they’re going to do to you. ‘If she cums it shows she wants it too’ you hear one of them say, and it takes you over the edge…

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My fantasy is a world where the upper class has all the privilege and the lower class is subordinate to them. I’m a lower class woman and until we marry and are owned we’re only allowed to wear skimpy underwear in public. Any infractions on a long list of rules results in being tied up in public for the upper class to use as they wish. They are also allowed to grope/use us any time they like in public, and they take full advantage. We are only allowed to orgasm at their hands and they like to keep us desperate so we can’t fight back. In the fantasy I was a member of a resistance group but we were betrayed and I was given a drug which keeps me horny and unable to orgasm at all times. I am never allowed clothes and considers public property. Every third day I spend 12 hours in the public stocks being used and the rest of the time I am given out by lottery to high ranking upper class people. Even other lower class people have the right to use me and they often take out their frustrations on me.

I love the detail in this, vive la resistance!

Here goes nothing. I have this fantasy that I’m in a school of sorts and a male teacher catches me masturbating in his office or class. He then tells me that he won’t tell anyone if I do what he wants. So he records me doing humiliating sexual things for him, and blackmails me with the video to keep doing things for him. I love the idea that the entire school sees it. It might be a little simple but it makes me so wet.

Oh a good solid blackmail fantasy, nice! Those can go deeper and deeper as each thing they make you do digs you deeper in the hole. 

I wonder which of the bitchy girls at school would be the one to threaten to show it to your parents if you don’t do what they say…

Great one, thank you!

More confessions required!