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Happy women’s equality day

My very own teacher’s pet, the ever wonderful http://in-heart-and-soul.tumblr.com/ just added a great note to that last post:

“I am AMAZED that James had the balls to post this on Women’s Equality Day.Hot.

Women’s Equality Day… how unnecessary…

EVERY DAY is women’s equality day on this blog!  (Hah, did I have you going there for a moment?)

I hope you know I truly mean that. The idea that men and women are not equal is simply insanity to me. Of course we are. 

However, knowing that, I also enjoy the fact it’s hot as fuck for us to fantasise about it not being the case. And if that excites you too then thank god for third wave feminism that says you can decide what the fuck you want to like and to be and to do – and if that involves giving up your orgasms and turning yourself into a dripping three hole slut then all power to you.

I just had an idea – let’s celebrate…

To show your support for women’s equality day, I encourage you to send me pictures of your boobs with ‘Women’s Equality Day’ either written on them, or on a note next to them, just because, it’s so very wrong and sometimes we need to do wrong things to make the world a better place.

Submit them here – I will make it anonymous unless you tell me it’s okay not to.

As a feminist with fucked up and tbh kinda misogynist kinks, what do I do? Like, how can I be into what I’m into and fully respect myself and everyone else? Am I overthinking things?


Here is my reasoning:

I am a woman. I believe women should have rights that are equal to men’s rights. I believe women should be paid the same for the same job. I believe women should be able to define their own lives, decide what activities they want to engage in. I believe women should have the right to control what happens to their bodies and be free to make choices related to their reproductive health. I believe women should be able to freely choose how they approach their own sexuality. A woman can be anything she desires. She can be a respectable human while also being a nude model. She can submit to men sexually while also ruling the boardroom with them as an equal. Just as men make their own choices, so should women. Whether those decisions are to abstain from sex or to be a porn star is irrelevant. Feminism is about equality. Men are allowed to be submissive to women and still be considered men in every other life situation. 

You can absolutely be a feminist and get off on misogyny in the bedroom. You can look in the mirror and respect yourself, and you can look in the mirror and disrespect yourself. The point is, that it’s your choice. 

Any woman that criticizes another woman’s right to make her own choices does not understand feminism. 

That concludes my opinion. Feel free to have your own. 


Isn’t objectifying yourself to entertain men much more fun than being a feminist?

This comment is stuck in the 1970′s.

The two aren’t mutually exclusive! 

If you get aroused and enjoy it, do it! That’s Third Wave Feminism, people. 

You stand on the shoulders of those who have gone before and declare that you can be whatever the fuck you want to be, and not even they can tell you what that should be.

Own It Bitches (and I say that with the greatest respect).

This is probably way off topic, and I should be busy getting prepared for a meeting, but I was procrastinating (that’s code for edging, I won’t lie to you, James) and well here I am! I run a totally sfw cute little blog and you’re one of few exceptions to the kind of blog I usually follow- When you check your notifications, have you ever been shocked by who follows you? Is there a type of blog you maybe would never expect to follow you that has and sticks out particularly? You have a great day!

What a great ask! Honestly, it’s such fun browsing through the… holy shit, how’d nearly 14,000 of you start following this blog?…list of my followers, and finding the ones with the cute little blogs, just like yours. Full of inspirational thoughts, captioned pictures, funnies and Effy from Skins; knowing that the other reason you love Tumblr is you crave to indulge your secret, naughty side. Rubbing yourself through your pretty panties, feeling yourself slipping deeper and deeper, looking up darker and nastier searches as you try to hold off cumming. You usually fail, and slip over, and then you feel guilty…until next time. But that’s why it’s better when you don’t cum, sweetie, no guilt, just excited arousal and wet panties.

Oh and kittens, there’s usually kittens (aren’t they adorable!)

As I read the stats, it seems that a lot of you don’t even dare ‘follow’ as you want to keep your feed innocent in case someone sees, and that’s cool too. But you can hide your likes on the ‘edit appearance’ page, so if you’re nervous about following that’s probably the best compromise, hide likes and then follow.

And if you don’t have one, you can set up a secondary blog, turn off ‘Show Author Portraits’ and that blog is then completely anonymous – handy for storing the things you want to go back to as you slide into bed and try to edge, yet again.

Even better than the super cute blogs are… the super feminist social justice ones, oh yes, I know who you are and I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! And of course, if you read this blog you’ll know I’m a hardcore third-wave feminist. 

I imagine you, berating yourself for getting so aroused by all the misogynistic bullshit you find on here while burying your fingers between your thighs as you dream of being told you’re not allowed to cum and being called a ‘good girl’. It’s okay. 

You can be what you want to be! That’s the glory of feminism today. You just happen to want to be a denial slut and probably have your holes used in all kinds of depraved ways. All power to you. 

Denial, is very empowering.

I’m committed to helping you as much as I can.

Hello! I just wanted to say a really huge thank you. A lot of blogs like yours that I’ve seen have been ran by generally sexist men. And I get degradation and humiliation as a kink that I also enjoy, but when the man is actually sexist and fully believes it all it takes the fun away from it and makes my feminist side very unhappy. I also really love that you had genders other than female and male in your survey. This blog makes me one happy girl.

Thank you so much for this ‘happy girl’.

I hope it comes across that I think women are absolutely amazing, that you’re all absolutely my equal as a man, (honestly you’re better in lots of ways but you know, ‘equal’ is the thing we should strive for) but also that I delight in our differences.

For me the most exciting form of feminism (known as third-wave feminism if you’re interested) is the freedom for a woman to break free from ANY preconceptions of what she should be and embrace her ability to be what she wants, and to do what she loves.

So if that means, as a modern, independent woman you want to be on your knees, fingers buried in your pussy which you’ve asked me to control, frustrated to the point of tears as you’re not allowed to cum because you’ve given up that right to me, used, or even abused BECAUSE it just turns you on so much and you begged for it, then let me tell you now, I’m a true feminist.

Similarly, you don’t want any of that, great too (but this blog might not be your thang).