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Confessions from the Edge

I do love hearing confessions from you, my lovely followers. So I thought it might be fun to turn this into an ongoing ‘thing’.

Here’s the rules (because you know how much you love rules…)

  • You must begin your confession with something like, ‘Dear James and his horny followers*, I have sinned, and edged. It’s been X days since my last orgasm.
  • Feel free to come up with your own words to describe my followers, that’d be cute, e.g. James and your congregation of denial sluts, etc (Any Brits who listen to Simon Mayo know just what I mean). So be creative with the whole intro if you fancy it.
  • Then share your confession. It needs to be INTERESTING. If it’s just ‘I keep trying to edge but keep cumming’ then we know already. You won’t be getting a reply I’m afraid.
    But, if it’s something funny, or sexy, or kinky that you want to confess, bring it on. Maybe you masturbated somewhere you shouldn’t have, or used someone else’s things, or with someone you shouldn’t have or ended up doing something hugely embarrassing. Anything. If it involves edging or it’s effects on you that’s brilliant but any sexual confession will do nicely.
  • It can be something you genuinely feel bad about, or just something you think it’ll be hot to share. We’re easily entertained here.
  • Use a submit link if it’s long and I can post it anonymously. I will assume any confession is to be anonymous unless you tell me otherwise. But use Asks if you want to make sure not even I know who you are.
  • I’ll reply with the ‘penance’ you have to do. Those will normally be a denial and edging sentence, plus some sadistic twist. 
  • Please add a name to call you, even if it’s fake. Not just an initial.  If you’re expressly an exhibitionist or a masochist add (e) or (m) or (e,m) after your name and I’ll work a visual or more painful elements into your penance.
  • YOU MUST HAVE EDGED JUST BEFORE YOU WRITE IT – this is important, 1. So we can enjoy the fact you’ve edged, 2. So you really spill the beans and don’t hold back 3. It’s in the title.

I’ll get back to as many as I can, but I get a shitload of message so I’ll only reply to the ones I think everyone will want to read most. Don’t be offended if it isn’t you, I love you anyway and confession is good for you, even if thousands don’t end up edging to it.

Okay, that’s about it I think. I look forward to seeing what you lot come up with!

Submit your confessions here (I’ll repost them anonymously unless you tell me otherwise)
Or send them by an ask (limited characters but just send a few asks if you run out)


PS If this really takes off I reserve the right to turn them into a book 😀

So, after looking at everything about ruins on your blog, I think I might have actually been just ruining all the orgasms I thought I’ve had. I’m curious if I’ve been denying myself the last few years and not even known it

Quite possibly, it’s not that uncommon. You get almost scared of how good it feels and pull away, thinking that was the orgasm, when really it can feel so much better, more pleasure than you can imagine, coursing through you, so powerful, so satisfying, so good.

But now you know. What are you going to do about it?

After browsing this blog, reading all about the benefits of denial. Realising how proud you can be that you’ve only ever ruined an orgasm. How special that makes you.

Do you really want to lose that, forever, just for a few moments of pleasure? Be like all the other girls? They wish they were like you, you know, Brand New in Box, never having properly cum, They’re jealous.

You can be just like if you want, but you can never go back.

Maybe it’s better, to keep on ruining.

Or even better, not go over at all?

Good girl, I’m sure you’ll make the right choice

Hi James, I have an issue. My boyfriend and I are long distance and we’ve been doing denial since our relationship began, but I just don’t think I’m into it anymore. The thing is, him living over 3,000 miles away means that other than denial our sex life is basically non existent, and orgasms were like our special thing for when we were actually together, and I don’t want to take away the fun parts of our sex life, so I don’t know how to tell him. Do you have any advice?

Firstly, this is totally okay. It’s absolutely fine for what you’re into to change, and it’s great you’re doing something about it rather than just suffering in silence.

If he’s any kind of good boyfriend at all then he’ll be fine with this.

The reality is you’ve probably just overdone it, and that happens. Life, and sex, are so enhanced by introducing a variety of things, that if you just do one thing again and again, no matter how great it is, you’ll probably feel bored with it.

So I suggest you are honest with him, but just pose it as ‘Hey, you know what I think I need a bit of a break from denial, it’s got a bit routine. Is that okay?’

But don’t just do that, in life, whenever we present a problem, we should also be presenting a solution too. So think what else might be fun.What else turns you on that might work for you as a couple. Ideas might include:

  • submission – letting him set you little rules and tell you what to do, but sometimes that includes cumming
  • being his little cam whore – only allowed to cum on cam for him
  • exploring bimbofication – dressing up and being a good little slut
  • playing with toys, there’s ones he can control remotely
  • trying anal exploration – edging and cumming only when playing with your ass, with the ambition he’s going to fuck it when you’re next together
  • etc, etc, etc

What I tend to find, when someone gets a bit tired of denial, that you’ll take a little break and in a few weeks, crave it again anyway. So all you’re doing is adding even more fun things into the relationship while you have a little pause. It’ll all work out well, I’m sure.

I hope that helps,


So I was scrolling through your blog. Thinking about starting denial but decided against it. Fast forward to me using my vibe to get myself off… as I was coming my thumb hit the power button! I have NEVER done that before mid orgasm. So I ruined it subconsciously I think. Thanks..

This is your subconscious right now:


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