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Holy shit James. Its a denial slut here lol – female ejaculation IS A THING. I only have it when i’m drunk and it’s not ‘pee’ like a lot of men think it’s the same silky thin liquid women have when they are wet. Idk why i cant FEEL myself cumming when im drunk but i am cumming and its frustrating so my body keeps ‘cum, cum, cum’ and i’m laying there all privileged with my vibrator waiting to feel it when i become the see ya later female ejacyalator i always joke about

Hello little miss squirt… so, were you a bit tipsy when you wrote this?

Congratulations on your discovery. You describe it really well, it IS different from pee, silky is the best description because it’s lube, basically, like a guy’s precum only thinner – it’s to make it easier to get fucked.

I’d suggest you can do it when you’re not drunk, it’s probably not about the fact you can’t feel yourself cumming (although that’s got some interesting potential) it’s the extended stimulation and the loss of inhibition.

Ejaculate comes out of your peehole, and that is a very weird thought for many. And in most cases it requires a deliberate letting go that we’re trained not to do from the time we can walk.

So try going to the loo before a session, so you know your bladder’s pretty empty, have an extended edging and fucking session, and you should feel the need to pee growing. If you’re lying on a towel, or in the shower, then just go for it, give a little push, you can squirt without cumming, but it might take you over too. 

You don’t have to be drunk, and this time you might even feel it!

Woah woah woah WAIT! It’s possible to squirt without cumming??

Yes, but it’s not common. The trick is to have an empty bladder to start so there’s not much pee involved, and as you get close and feel that pressure to go, you actually force it, you push out like you were trying to pee. 

That’s what’s happening if you squirt when you cum, you’re letting go in the moment of pleasure and so not holding it in. Usually if you want to squirt before that, get that ‘filled up’ feeling and then you need to be a bit more deliberate about it.

It doesn’t feel as good as squirting when cumming, because at that point all the pleasure and release is rolling up into one experience, but it can be quite, exhilarating. I’ve known it tip someone over into cumming a couple of times.

I find for most it’s more a mental barrier you have to get over. Just grab a towel and give it a go!

Hi James! I love your blog, so much so that I’ve started occasionally ruining my orgasms when I get to have them. I’ve noticed if I’m then penetrated /after/ a ruin I squirt, though it’s the only time I do squirt. Have you heard of this before? – Ruined Squirtle

Hey Squirtle! That is fascinating! I haven’t heard of that before, although I’ve had women squirt from ruins or even just dribble out of them like a guy’s well ruined orgasm can, which is just so fucking hot.

The idea that you’d ruin, have to be dealing with that, and then get fucked and ejaculate all over the place still without cumming is insanely hot.

Try this for me, ruin one, and then get a nice big dildo and slowly fuck yourself until you feel the squirt coming, and then try to hold that off too, just like you do an orgasm when edging. Keep fucking harder and harder until you’re absolutely losing it, then stop.

Deny your ejaculation as well as your orgasm.

Good girl, Moaning Squirtle

Don’t you just love how in almost all squirting videos the girls have ruined orgasms? They have to go over so they can actually squirt but then have to remove simulation so they can get a nice shot. Idk why just wanted to share that

That’s an interesting observation. The main thing to be aware of though is that maybe 95% of squirting videos are just the porn starts peeing. That’s not to say some don’t like the feeling of peeing while fucking but yeah, read up on female ejaculation rather than letting porn educate you, that’s never a godo idea. 

It just doesn’t come out in that quantity and for that long, and they need to be able to do it again and again for film. So yeah, sadly they aren’t ruining anything except the carpet…

Just had a question, Sir. Do you count squirting as cumming? While edging I refrained from climaxing but did squirt. Should I be punished?

Nope, you can definitely squirt without orgasming, however the two often come together so it takes some practise. It’s mostly deciding to let go much more deliberately than when you actually squirt when cumming at the same time. So yes, when you feel that unique need to pee that comes from g-spot stimulation you have to decide to push it out, knowing it’s not pee, it’s ejaculate.

So no, no punishment. But just like male denial sluts need to clean up the mess they make when they are ruined, you need to lick up the mess afterwards.

Good girl

So today I bought a new toy ! I went it the shower to try it out. Unfortunately I went over the edge , it was my first time squirting it felt awesome but I feel so bad. Pretty happy I was able to make my body do such a thing though!

Congratulations on your first squirt! Next you have to be brave and just let go over your bed (you can put a towel down, I’m nice like that). Oh, and you can squirt when you ruin… or even without cumming properly. There’s something to practise!

PSA, science says squirting is pee

PSA, my mouth says no it fucking isn’t

Sexual ‘science’ still appears to be mostly done by misogynistic perverts who have an implicit bias against women actually enjoying themselves.

Does female ejaculate have some urea in, sure, it comes out of your peehole. However anyone with the slightest bit of actual sexual experience of squirting, who doesn’t just get what they know off youporn, will tell you, ejaculate is NOT pee. It doesn’t smell like pee, it doesn’t feel like pee, it doesn’t taste like pee.

So I suggest you wait four or so years, until you’re actually legally allowed to touch a woman, and find out for yourself before quoting ‘science’.

How can you make yourself squirt and how can my man make me do it?

  1. Pee first – you need an empty bladder for this
  2. Get really turned on however works for you, being relaxed helps too.
  3. Get dildo or similar and insert about 3 inches into your pussy, pressing the tip towards your tummy
  4. Stroke back and forth, finding the spot that makes you have the urge to pee – congrats,that’s your G-spot
  5. Keep rubbing it, softly, hard, whatever feels good, it’ll keep feeling better and the pee feeling will fade
  6. Maybe rub or vibe your clit too
  7. Keep going on your G-spot, that’s where the magic happens, you’ll start to feel pressure and the need to pee grow – but it’s not pee, you emptied your bladder, remember, it’s girl cum!
  8. Keep going until you feel like you are going to burst and orgasm
  9. Stop
  10. Only kidding, but this is a denial blog… yeah, keep going, and have that orgasm
  11. And pee, yep, this is how you squirt, you PEE when you orgasm, it’s not pee, it’s ejaculate you’ve built up in your urethra (pee tube) and the main way to squirt is actually to decide to let go and try to push it out, by peeing, as you cum.

This can take some practice. Use towels. Try a vibe inside you too.

Your man can do it more easily because unlike you his fingers can reach your gspot, he’ll feel it because 1. It’s kind of spongy compared to the rest, 2. YOU HAVE LEARNT WHERE IT IS AND WHAT IT FEELS LIKE ALREADY

Ideally he has a dick that will rub it too.

Warn him it’s not piss, or he might not like you afterwards

Not convinced it isn’t pee? Easy. Taste it (yeah, you’ll have to taste pee too to know the difference, suck it up).

That is how you squirt.

You’re welcome. Now clean up that mess.

PS Most squirting videos are bullshit, where the girls are just peeing, THAT IS PORN NOT REAL LIFE. When you squirt it will be much less than that, sometimes only a little. It still feels great.