Blog Post, Female Orgasm Denial

Hello James! I’m a long time follower of your blog but only now did I decide to start doing some serious edging. I’ve edged 6 times in the last two days and I can feel the pleasure building. I wanted to make it even worse by giving YOU control of how many more edges I should do before I’m allowed to orgasm, if you’d like to. Please James, make me regret this .Lollipop

Well hello Lollipop… Two days, six edges, that’s a great start. Let’s continue with exactly […]

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Hi James, I’m considering making June a denial month for myself as a challenge, starting on the 1st. I’ve gone longer without an orgasm, but not while deliberately edging every day as suggested in your (amazing!) blog, so I’m hoping this will be a more enjoyable and challenging go! Thing is, my birthday falls within the month – the 11th – and I’m thinking about giving myself a pass to come on my birthday. What do you think – should I give myself that day off? Thanks for this awesome blog!! – Hy

Great idea! But no, sorry hyacinth, you do this properly. No cumming, all month. Four […]

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Hi James. I don’t know if I’m edging right. Im on the 3rd day no cumming.. I rub my clit until I feel I’m about to, then stop, I feel my pussy clench a couple times, my clit throbs, and then I’m not horny after. Am I doing it wrong? Getting too close? Could I be having ruins without knowing it? I just feel I should be really horny right after an edge and it’s more relieving than anything.

In my expert opinion you are indeed having ruined orgasms! Which is what the clenching […]